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PRESS RELEASE: Attempts at Sheikh Zakzaky’s Life


There were several attempts in the past to assassinate our revered Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky; some were exposed, while many went unpronounced.

 Intelligence gathered revealed to us that for some time now, snipers were being placed along routes passed by the Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria with intent of killing him.  Ordinarily we would have ignored these planned attacks without further comments, because of the firm belief we have that Allah is the sole Guardian of the Sheikh, and He will deliver him from their evil machinations. However, there is the need for awareness on the part of the Nigerian public and the world to come to terms with what the Sheikh had been drawing the attention of the public to over the years.

Penultimate Saturday around 1 am, six vehicles comprising Jeeps and Hilux vans, with fully masked combat-ready security personnel stormed Gyellesu area through three different routes leading to residence of Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky with the obvious intent of executing a massacre
This happened shortly after the Sheikh came back from Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah for the Nisfu Sha’aban commemoration, where he exposed a plan by the Nigerian government through its western conspirators (U.S. military) to assassinate him before the holy month of Ramadan or any day in the month. Guards at the Sheikh’s residence repelled the attack, and in great fear the attackers fired shots and took to their heels.
Intelligence gathered revealed to us that, the heavily masked men were the American military who came to Nigeria under the pretext of securing the “abducted” school girls by the so-called insurgents. They had to hide their colour identity in the replica of the Klu Klux Klan type of masks and gloves, only their eye balls showed. The attack was planned for Friday night, when Sheikh Zakzaky was coming back from Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah. They laid siege on the way, but heavy downpour thwarted their evil intention.
Residents in Zaria, especially Sabon Gari had earlier witnessed strange occurrences at the barrack since Wednesday of the week, whereby people were barred from the barracks and knowing what was happening. It was later said that, some foreign military officers were visiting the barrack. The water-tight security at the barrack, even for residents in the barrack, was to hide the true identity of the said visiting military officers. We ask, what is so secret and strange about military officers, from anywhere, visiting a barrack? Why were helicopters kept and put on red alert at the College of Aviation, Zaria? Why the night raid attempt at Gyellesu, and why the masks, why the gloves? The answers are very obvious and not far- fetched.
The last time we witnessed a planned attack of this magnitude was in 2009, during the Yar’adua regime when there was an order to bomb the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky on the 20th day of Ramadan. We vividly recall the planned combat daylight visit by the dumb cop Tambari Yabo and his nasty-boys entourage to the Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence. His “unintelligent” report on the Islamic Movement set the pace for the planned bomb attack. Allah frustrated their effort.
Also this year, exactly a week after Albani was assassinated in Zaria, security personnel armed to teeth with combat gears bulldozed into Gyellesu area, but stealthily left when their evil intent was exposed by Sheikh Zakzaky following his declaration: “Nigerian security killed Albani”. The intention was to kill two birds with one stone. They had prior circulated rumour that the Shi’ites killed Albani, and that they would give Sheikh Zakzaky protection against possible onslaught by the Salafists. The intent was very clear; kill Zakzaky and make it look like Salafi vengeance. Like a pack of cards, the plan crumbled.
They had also planned to attack the last Arba’een symbolic trek by the Islamic Movement, but when Sheikh Zakzaky exposed in detail the exact time frame of the plan, as well as their trained agents in Saudi Arabia, the plan tumbled down. At one time, the Sheikh reported that, a military helicopter was visibly seen hovering over his residence at close range, taking pictures.
One is tempted to ask, who is afraid of Sheikh Zakzaky and why? The obvious truth is that, the Sheikh remains the only credible Leader in Africa who never kept silence in the face of injustice and corruption. The Islamic Movement he rightly guides remains the only genuine movement in Africa that truly advocates for social justice and interfaith unity. And now that the western powers intend to re-colonize Africa, Nigeria poses a potential threat to their agenda. Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement stand out as the greatest obstacle.
Sheikh Zakzaky has also exposed this international agenda to balkanize Nigeria. According to him, mass killings and bombings in the name of Boko Harama crisis is a hoax and a smoke –screen to suppress Islamic revival in Nigeria, as well as to siphon the countries resources. To actualize this heinous agenda, a US-based company, Patrick Williams, was contracted to establish anarchy in Nigeria. The company, managed by one Patrick Williams, specializes in high profile assassination. It has the following terms of reference: Kill Zakzaky, paint Islam black and balkanize Nigeria along religious boundaries.
In the face of these oppressions, Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement had never kept silent; this is why he became the target, while his students are being molested across the land.
The truth is that, Nigerians are fed up with this drama of mass killings and giving pigeon a bad name to hang it. Nigerians, Muslims and Christians, are coming to terms with reality and vision of Sheikh Zakzaky. His is a global call with global antenna, for freedom, equity and social justice for all. What Sheikh Zakzaky is saying is crystal clear to all. Nigerians can testify to the obvious fact that, there is no government in Nigeria; everything is being planned, executed and controlled from America and Israel. Nigerian government has no power or control over its resources and security system, thereby plunging the citizens into unnecessary abject poverty amidst plenty. We therefore urge Nigerians, irrespective of tribe or religion, not to succumb to divisible tendencies.
Those desperate on killing Sheikh Zakzaky, these are his words for them: “Killing me is not killing Islam, and will never stop it from flourishing. Even if you kill me, Allah Who created me, will raise someone like me. You cannot kill me until my time has come as decreed by Allah”.
Life and death are in the hands of Allah, unto Him we rely.
Ibrahim Musa