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PRESS RELEASE: Again Police brutalized free Zakzaky protesters in Abuja

Today, Monday 19th day of April , 2021 we comes out as usual on the street of Abuja calling on Buhari regime to respect the rule of law and Free our leader unconditionally and also remind the general public that In 2015, withing 48hrs, 1000+ of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky’s followers where mercilessly killed

 by the Nigerian Army as they officially launch an attack on him in his own residence, they killed almost every soul in the house and set there corpses ablaze.
The Army met him inside a room with his wife and
some of his brave children, killed 3 of his sons before him as he watched.
They shot his wife before him, shoot him all over his body including his eyes and dragged his bleeding body on top of the copses of his killed sons.
They keep him and his wife till date without proper medication despite a valid court order for their unconditional release and compensation for violation of their fundamental right since December 2016.
The protest started around 3:00pm from Sky Memorial in Wuse district of Abuja but at the point of dispersing at Wuse Market, the Police arrived and started shooting teargas and life ammunition on the peaceful and unarmed protesters.
The Police harass so many innocent people including passerby mostly women and they remove there hijab uttering hate statement against their religious belief, which we believe is unconstitutional as every citizen has the right to practice his religion the way he understand.
By the Grace of Allah, we would never abandon our leader and the struggle for his freedom from unlawful detention.
Abdullahi Muhammad Musa
For: the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement
19th April , 2021

police attacked pro zakzaky protesters in abj on 19 april 2021