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Press Conference: Sheikh Zakzaky’s Trial. A Travesty of Court Process

Not only that Buhari regime lurks around the trumped-up charges against Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife in open and flagrant violation of their fundamental rights but also abuses court process in a blatant way by doing that. 

This is glaringly obvious considering the fact that the charges against the Sheikh centres on aiding and abetting his followers for culpable homicide of one Corporal Dan Kaduna, and the same Kaduna State Judiciary had already discharged and acquitted those falsely accused of committing it. That this is the 3rd Kaduna High court to pass judgement on the same and similar case is more than enough a proof of its being an abuse of court process.

The public are aware that the spurious charges were filed in 2018 to divert people’s attention away from the Federal High Court judgment delivered by Justice Gabriel Kolawole in December, 2016: and the historic judgement ordered for unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Mallama Zeenah. It was not to be, and instead of the regime to obey it, the much vaunted tyrant in the driving seat decided to arraign the couple at Kaduna High Court. Isn’t this a continuation of the army bloodbath that took place in December, 2015? And the police have long since taken over! As far as the judgement is concerned, Buhari has not observed a single minute in an attempt to pay obedience.

press conference in abuja on sheikh zakzaky's trial

Buhari is the architect of the massacre in Zaria as well as the senseless and incessant killing of free-Zakzaky protesters in Abuja, and across the country at large. During Zaria-massacre the Nigerian Army butchered at least a thousand people in cold blood. Sheikh Zakzaky’s elder sister and dozens of other women and children were flung into a room, locked from behind, doused in fuel and set ablaze. These brutalities were initially wrought under the pretext of "road blockade," and that of "assassination attempt". But in his maiden media chat, the tyrant falsified the two ridiculous pretexts and sought to justify the carnage with his equally, nay far more, laughable conjecture of creating "a state within a state".

press conference in abuja on sheikh zakzaky's trial

An update on the health of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah is worth the public attention, and the news is always very sad and distressing as their health continues to deteriorate. In the last sitting, on 24th February 2020, the Kaduna High Court affirmed that the couple were unfit to stand trial, so an order was given by Justice Gideon KURADA, directing the officials of the Kaduna Prison to grant the Sheikh and his wife access to their doctors, but all to little or no avail.

Sheikh Zakzaky is being affected by progressive glaucoma, cervical spondylosis and up to 55 bullet fragments with excessive lead and cadmium poisonings in his body. He has been suffering from sleep disorder, recurrent spiking hypertension, recurrent episodes of stroke, and just few days ago, his cardiac ischaemia and ventricular hypertrophy were found to deteriorate, he is now even requiring cardiac catherisation, thereby making him far more unfit to stand trial.

It should be noted that the Sheikh has already suffered two strokes in as many years while in detention. Both Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife need urgent and critical interventions to salvage their health.

There is a serious lack of evidence from the part of the regime and continues to exploit and abuse court process for sinister motive. Taking such thing into consideration coupled with the health condition of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife, it is a mockery of justice as well as travesty of court process for Kaduna High Court to continue the purported case against the couple.

We therefore reiterate our demand for unconditional release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife.

Abdullahi Muhammad Musa
For the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria

28th July, 2020