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PROTOCOL Invited guests, men of the press, good afternoon, I welcomed you all to this press conference.
This press conference is organize to update the public on grave atrocities and crimes committed by the Military and Nigerian Police and urge the public to dismiss the lies and blackmail being fabricated by the Buhari-led government, the Military and the Police.

The public will please recall that on the issue of Zaria Massacre and release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H); in 2015, Buhari made mention that he is waiting for Kaduna JCI report, the report is out for more than 3 years and he did nothing. Similarly, during illegal detention of our leader in Abuja, Malami Abubakar Minister of Justice and Lai Muhammad, Minister of Information have been deceiving the public that Sheikh Zakzaky (H) is in protective custody and after 3 years of protective custody, then the Federal Government in collaboration with Kaduna State Government filed 8-count charges against the Sheikh at Kaduna High Court.

Moreover, if you could remember, during Zaria massacre, the Army lied that the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky blocked road and that is what led to the massacre, but later it was discovered that extending the attack to the resident of Sheikh Zakzaky (H), a very far distance from the place of incident revealed that it was not a road blockage, but a preplanned massacre. The Army also claimed to kill only 8 people during Zaria massacre, but it was later discovered that they killed more than 1,000. Even though they confess having killed 347 which they secretly burial at night in mass grave at Mando, Kaduna

If we go back to the Police lies, the public will please recall that in November, 2016 the Police killed more than 20 followers of Sheikh Zakzaky in Kano during 2016 Arbaeen Symbolic Trek and they admit the killing of 7. In similar attack in November, 2017, the Police killed more than 10, but they remained silent.

We do not need to mention the recent lies fabricated by the Military and Police against the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky that started from invasion of the Three Arm Zone, blocking road for vehicles conveying arms at Zuba axis, Snatching ASO Radio etc. The public should note that we have no intention of invading any place or attacking anybody. The Military and the Police attacked us while on the street protesting.

We thank the Public for giving the Military and Police well-deserved and objective responses and opinion on all these lies, because all these fabricated allegations are unable to justify the crime against humanity committed by the Military and Police against the followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in Abuja.

I want to inform you that on Saturday, 3 November, 2018 Imrana Abdullahi, who is receiving treatment at University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada due to injuries he sustained from the attack of the Military and the Police has pass away. This brings the number of the people killed by the Military and Police to 47. Moreover, presently 106 followers of Sheikh Zakzaky are receiving treatment of injuries at various hospitals in Abuja. Presently, more than Eight Million Naira has been spent in treating causalities and there is need for additional Twenty Five Million Naira to attend to other causalities.

Likewise, more than 1,000 people got missing, 156 were detained by the Police in various prison.

We thank the public for their objective responses concerning illegal detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and we also need the support of everybody in ensuring the release of the Sheikh and his wife.

While mourning the passing away of our brothers and sisters, we will continue to protest and our demand is simple and clear that is unconditional release of our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

Sheikh Abdullahi Zango

5th November, 2018

press conference on killing by military, 5nov 2018

press conference on killing by military, 5nov 2018

press conference on killing by military, 5nov 2018

press conference on killing by military, 5nov 2018