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Power Drunkenness and Writing Names in the Black Books of History

By Abdulmumin Giwa
In the quest for being accepted by some global imperialists in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh some power drunken stooges within the Nigerian fold willfully chose to perpetrate the Zaria massacre.

Having been baptized by the imperialists, they were placed in power as Nigerian leaders to implement the global imperialist agenda on their behalf which they have accepted religiously.
The imperialists who are also sponsors of global terrorism use them in fighting proxy war and killing their people to please the imperialists not minding the consequences.
In the first place the team of the imperialists is founded on a common interest fighting a common course which is the rising and permeating Islamic consciousness that is largely revolutionary and a threat to the global imperialist exploitations.
To them they have beaten down the strength of communism through a cold war that led to the breaking down of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) and the subsequent emergence of what they term as the New World Order under which they will be in-charge of the world.
Being in-charge to them means they could exploit every nation at will and could also acquire whatever resources or interests they so desire from such nations. As a result of this they have initiated war and terror as their major weapon of dealing with anyone that fails to submit to their modern colonialism.
As a result of this they have subjected some countries to domination, war and terrorism and have turned others ungovernable thereby killing millions and rendering millions more homeless. The world has recorded the events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Palestine, Syria, Bahrain and others.
To them all is not well because there is a rising ideology that can bring them down and cut them to size ridding them of all their powers and arrogance in the world which they must fight against.
That ideology is the Islamic ideology established through a genuine revolution led by Ayatullah Ruhulllahh Khumaini (QS) in a onetime American controlled Iran now the only Islamic Republic on the globe. Yes the only because the Saudis follow a monarchical system and not an Islamic system even as it is furnished to look like it.
It is the Shiite Islamic system that cannot be exploited by the imperialists that has established a government in the 4th oil richest nation of the world and freed itself from their control and exploitation. It even worsens as the system has given life and hope to a lot of freedom fighters around the world like SWAPO, ANC and others.
They see the emergence of Islamic ideology as a very serious threat to their global control using capitalism and imperialism which they must fight against to ensure they either destroy or limit its influence in the world.
In Nigeria as in other countries of the world, the Islamic ideology has influenced the already existing Islamic outcry for a system of fairness and justice as against the capitalist and communist influences.
This has grossly given hope to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) that it is possible for an Islamic system to be reestablished after being crushed by the colonialists over one century after. Before the advent of the colonialist in the northern part of the country there was in existence the Islamic system established by Sheikh Uthman bn Fodio which they destroyed in 1903 and established the colonial authority.
The IMN under the leadership of the revered Islamic Revivalist of the modern age, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) became a growing threat to the imperialist interest that the American government insisted on getting the Nigerian government to kill him, disperse his followers and outlaw the movement as revealed over one decade ago by Chidi Okpara.
As a result of this several attempts were made on the life of the IMN leader by subsequent regimes including massacre attempts.
The most recent attempt is that of the Zaria Massacre of 12th to 14th December 2015 where the new regime took the contract fully and decided to please its lords in America and Israel. President Buhari’s Army killed over one thousand men, women and children, shooting with heavy weapons, molesting women and burning others alive.
Even at that time the attempt to kill the leader of the IMN failed after he has been shot severally by the Buhari Army in his residence without any genuine reason.
Just for the records, in Nigeria, the Saudis see the rising light of the IMN as a threat to their imperialist control of Islam in the name of Wahabism. They use Wahhabism to support the global imperialist agenda of sponsoring terrorist groups and financing instituted wars thereby promoting a phobia against the religion of Islam.
The light of Shi’ism to them is killing the Wahabbi ideology they have been sponsoring in Nigeria for very many years. They see this as dangerous to the interest of their imperialist agenda. They fear that if the Shias dominate Nigeria the largest black nation in the world endowed with several natural and human resources, their Wahabbi agenda in the region will automatically fade out.
The annual Arba’in Symbolic trek makes them shiver feeling that they are fighting a lost battle. They have contracted clerics to spread calumny against the Shi’ite ideology in Nigeria in order to stop its spread and influence. They see the spread of Shi’ism in Nigeria as an automatic spread of the influence of their political enemy Iran and must do everything possible to stop it.
This includes passing religious decrees that whoever lies to the Shi’ites will be rewarded by Allah and this resulted to shameless unsubstantiated claims against Shi’ites and Shi’ism thereby exploiting the verse ignorance of the majority, their emotions as well as their sentiments.
Israel on the other hand sees and conducts Iran as an enemy in all parameters of life. It is Iran that is a threat to all Israeli agenda in the Middle East especially that of establishing the dream Greater Israel. Iran is in the lead in supporting the Palestinian course. The late Ayatullahi Khumaini declared a global pro-Palestinian awareness that has enlightened more people in the world about the Israeli atrocities on the Palestinians and the American support they are enjoying. As a result of this many groups have emerged in Europe and America and even in Israel calling for the emancipation of Palestine.
Iran has founded a monster for the Israelis called the Hizbullah in Lebanon which is the most feared organization by Israel in the world. Iran has also influenced the Syrian government on the Israeli interest on the Golan Heights and has also empowered the uprisings against Israel in the Gaza strip. More so, as a result of this all Israeli threats to Al-Quds mosque never goes unchallenged.
The existence of Iran, its scientific and technological advancement has become a threat to Israel as it has to relinquish its position as the Super Power of the Middle East to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian government has put Israel under watch in the Middle East.
America on the other hand sees Iran as a major threat to its global policies which are generally suppressive and exploitative. Since the Islamic Revolution, America has lost a lot of planned investments in energy in Iran. As a result it had plotted against Iran severally but unsuccessfully. Popular amongst these are the War it fought against Iran using Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with his Ba’athist ideology. America has also mobilized sanctions on Iran for about 30 years all of which Iran had survived.
With a common interest called Iranian influence, they have formed a team to fight proxy war anywhere around the globe against Iran Nigeria not an exception.
America has facilitated the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari who they could use in achieving this goal of theirs and they played a major role. They needed a northerner to help them fight their proxy war against Iran in Nigeria and Buhari was the best for that.
Why they need a northerner is that he could mobilize public support for the killing of the Shi’ites because of the majority Sunni population in the country. He could also enjoy the support of the Saudi sponsored clerics support when he clamps down on the Shiites. Therefore it is only a leader from the north that could do this for them. It is the American influence that made former President Goodluck Jonathan to congratulate President Buhari even before the results of the elections were officially announced.
More so, they understood that there would be sentiments that would definitely grow in favor of the IMN if the project of massacring its members were to be carried out by a non-Muslim. They observed this when they attacked and killed 34 IMN members during the Quds Day attack of 2014 including three biological sons of its leader.
They observed several northerners were accusing the Jonathan regime of massacring Muslims and condoling as well as sympathizing with the IMN. If the actual project were to have been perpetrated by President Jonathan, a non-Muslim and not a northerner the IMN will prosper. But if the massacre were to be by a Muslim from the north they would be able to achieve their goal of totally extinguishing the said Iranian influence. The Sunnis would support the Muslim President for helping them kill the Shi’ites who the Saudi sponsored clerics have blackmailed already. This is the basic reason why Iran called on the Nigeria President for sanity and respect for human rights and the Saudi monarch hailed the Nigerian President for killing what they termed as terrorists.
This fact is also supported with the condolence visit of now Kaduna state Governor Nasir El-Rufai to Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and his speeches against the brutal killing of the Sheikh’s sons which he mentioned even on life interviews on radio during his campaign before elections. There were accusations and sympathies which must be avoided by imperialists for them to succeed. Hence President Buhari became the best person they could use because he is a Sunni Muslim from the north, and has a very widespread popularity among the populace in the north. Hence it wouldn’t matter if he kills some few Muslims for them.
At the point of the massacre the imperialist also blocked all means of publicity in the mainstream western media as if those killed were ants and it was no news.
On the side of the perpetrators of the Zaria massacre, those who have agreed to serve the global imperialism having been poisoned with religious sectarian sentiments against a section of the people of the country, they were blinded and made o be power-drunk.
Without any second thought they promptly sketched out their plans of assassinating Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, killing as many of his followers as possible, arresting and imprisoning as many as possible and subsequently black-painting the Movement and banning and outlawing it.
With everything set, they went ahead but failed in the major ploy because they practically killed Sheikh Zakzaky (H) but Allah refused to take his life.
It appears now that the plans have failed and everything has now turned round to be in favor of the IMN which has gained an unquantifiable local and global popularity and those that contracted them have left them to clear the mess.
Definitely, being a revolutionary mass Movement of the people, an attack on the IMN is history being written with a lot of references.
It is now on record that a team made up of the President Muhammadu Buhari, Army Chief Yusuf Buratai and the Kaduna state Governor Nasir El-Rufai have at one time in history attempted to kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) where they killed three of his sons and over a thousand of his followers in the most brutal way ever to be imagined.
Yes, this is history that has just been made and is duly recorded but with the trend of events, it is recorded in the black books of history and all those involved have written their names and roles boldly in that black book which shall remain a reference to the end of time.
The roles played by all those involved are clearly spelt out including the statements by traditional rulers like the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido and the Wahhabi clerics. This history shall one day form the curriculum of study in schools for generations yet unborn.