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national dailyAfter the official rubbish from Nigerian security which was written by one faceless Shehu Daud in the National Daily newspaper, another mushroom junk weekly paper Polity Weekly of 7th August, 2014 has re-echoed exactly the same article. 

This time it is not Shehu Daud, but their correspondent.

Is it the same  non-existent Shehu Daud that is double acting or is it the same official source changing channels to reach out and poison the minds of people? Such blunder has been committed some months back when an article attempting to link up the Islamic Movement with Boko Haram that was supposed to have been written by a CNN correspondent was recycled by a number of media. Either way, the Nigerian government has committed a public blunder by doing Israel’s dirty work of killing innocent people showing solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.

The power of logic and truth cannot be trounced though deceitful and malevolent hoopla. The write up have explicitly exposed the motives of the author. It is aimed at making the public to believe that Islamic Movement in Nigeria will carry arms and unleash trepidation on the citizens of the nation. When and where has such happened in the history of the Movement? A grass rooted movement that has been in existence for well over thirty five years with its millions of members dispersed in various parts and sectors of the society can never be quarantined and branded as terror group as the evil write up wants the public to believe. In the name of Boko Haram, innocent lives have been killed and the Chibok girls and their parents are made to suffer psychosomatic torture. Such rubbish attempts cannot go well with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

We insist that our case is before the divine court of Allah. So any killing, carnage, arson or any form of terror activity is not in the name of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Dr. Abdullahi Danladi,

Resource Forum,

Islamic Movement in Nigeria.