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By Sameer El-hajj
All of the 14th November 2016 police massacre of members of IMN in Kano, the killing of infant Zainab is one of the most heinous and disastrous act of men expected to safeguard the lives and properties of citizens.

If men were targeted and killed, women were targeted and killed, youths were targeted and killed, and then what should be the justification for the killing of juveniles? If the rationale behind the killing of juveniles is based on the assumption that they are about to clock the age of maturity, then what is the justification for the massacre of infants? Alas, the lawless Nigeria Police Force has no legal clue on what they did.

From a historical perspective, juvenile delinquency and a separate justice process for juveniles are recent concepts. So, too, are the ideas of childhood and adolescence. Juveniles in Nigerian jurisdictions are persons below the age of 18. Since they are children with less understanding of the laws, they deserve special protections. They are not expected to be treated as adults likewise they shouldn’t be prosecuted in criminal courts.

funeral for kano trek martyrs

The IG of Police was reported earlier yesterday with a personal justification of why they massacred members of IMN in Kano. He claimed that, the massacred persons were found guilty of violating state laws, which includes obstructing others from using the express way from Kano to Zaria.

If the IG is not a quack police officer, he must be aware of the criminal justice system triangle which entails the Police, the Court and the Prison. The police make arrest where appropriate and present the suspect to the court where the prosecutor will then review the facts of the case and the available evidences. It is only the prosecutor who can label a suspect as criminal or otherwise. The police officer does not have the discretionary power to refer to persons as criminals or offenders. Despite all the available legal facts, the IG foolishly supports the dirty job of his boys in Kano, by providing lies, hunches and fictitious evidences.

Most of the people targeted and killed during the police massacre were juveniles and minors. Among them is infant Zainab, who is 8 months old. The massacre of infant Zainab by men of the Nigeria Police Force will never go free. Her blood will continue to haunt whoever is involved in the unjustified massacre committed.

We are in a nation where security operatives are provided with license to massacre minors and justify their acts with lies, using the media as an instrument of propaganda. The case of infant Zainab is exceptional; we must show some level of concern for humanity sake without regards to tribal, religious and sectarian differences. Infant Zainab deserve to live, but she was targeted by the Police and killed in a jungle justice manner. Two shots of live ammunitions blew her head. Is this justifiable?
Comrade Sameer El-hajj