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Peaceful International Quds Day 2024 staged in Abuja Condemning Illegal State of Israel.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the Leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky staged a peaceful Pro-Palestine Procession known as International Quds Day in support of the Palestinian people and other oppressed people of the world.

The processions took place in over 30 places in Nigeria. It is marked worldwide to condemn killings of Palestinian Muslims and Christians in 70 years of the occupation of their land by the Illegal state of Israel.

In a statement by Prof. Dauda Nalado after the procession, he stated that International Quds Day is being observed globally, even in the USA, Britain, France, and Israel, and not restricted to Nigeria.

He said, “It is obvious to all and sundry that the United States of America (USA) is supporting the ongoing genocide of Palestinians, mostly women and children in Gaza. The USA is doing all it can to stop global support for the oppressed people of Palestine, including the over 40-year-old annual Free Palestine rally and a procession being observed by the Islamic movement under the leadership of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky (H) in many cities across Nigeria.

“The US Embassy in Abuja has released a mischievous letter depicting the planned Quds Day protests of today, Friday, April 5, as confrontational. Again, the Nigerian Police Force made an unusual release to the same effect.

“We would like the public to take note of the following facts: International Quds Day is being observed globally, even in the USA, Britain, France, and Israel. This great day is being observed by people of conscience, people with human minds. It is not an affair of Shiites only. It is not for Muslims only. It involves people of consciousness that cut across religious and ethnic boundaries.

“In Nigeria, this great day has been observed by Muslims from different understandings and by Christians alike for almost four decades now. This day is being observed through marches, protests, and demonstrations in many cities, including the capital, Abuja, in Nigeria.

“There is no issue of confrontation. Whenever there is pandemonium, it is solely brought about by an attack by the security operatives who are ordered from ‘the above’ to prevent citizens from exercising their rights.

“We therefore wish to inform the public that the observance of International Quds Day is purely a demonstration of support for the people of Palestine, and there’s no cause for alarm or disruption of peace.”

Qods day procession in Abuja on 5th April 2024
Qods day procession in Abuja on 5th April 2024

International Quds day in Abuja 2024
International Quds day in Abuja 2024


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