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Pastor Buru delays honourary award to honour Prophet Muhammad at Maulud

By Ibrahim Usman
Pastor Yohanna Buru of the Evangelical Church, Kaduna last Saturday preferred to honour an invitation to Maulud of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S), even as he was expected to receive a honourary award by the Nigeria Labour Congress in Kaduna. 

The Maulud which took place in Kawo, Kaduna was organized by Brother Musa Birnin Yero. Speaking at the occasion, Pastor Buru pointed out that, nothing could be pleasing to him than to share with the Muslims period of their great joy, in which they celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (S). He explained that his closeness to the Muslims did not start overnight, but that it has been a long period of extensive research in Islam spanning 25 years. He however said, his passion for deep research on Islam intensified in 1982, and when he came into contact with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

 He stated that, he had recently conducted a research on Imamah and Wilayat in Islam, and had wondered if Muslims really know the real position and personality of their Prophet. “Do you really know your Prophet as we thought you do? If you do, then you have betrayed the trust he placed on you. Why the division?” he asked. According to him, if all the groups in Islam are to be assembled, a critical close up will show that they all share common cardinal principles such one God, one Qur’an and one Prophet. “We Christians look upon you Muslims to copy, then what are you insinuating to us by this division?” he further asked.

Pastor Buru said, if he were to convert to Islam as some people are demanding him to do because of his understanding of the religion, he would definitely chose to be with Sheikh Zakzaky, saying he still remains a student of Sheikh Zakzaky. “If I really know Islam the way I think I know it, then know that I am a student of Sheikh Zakzaky”. He stressed that, there is only one truth and he chose to tread on the path of truth in his objective confessions without any fear of repercussions.

The Pastor used the occasion to ask for forgiveness from Muslims on behalf of the Christians for any intentional and unintentional offence the Christians may have done in the course of living together. He similarly implored Christians to forgive Muslims for the benefit of peaceful co-existence. He also decried the demarcation of settlements in Kaduna between Muslims and Christians, which he pointed out is an ill wind that will not blow any good to either side. “This has made us enemies of ourselves, from each side of the divide”, Pastor Buru added.