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Oyetakin Raps Govt Over Irresponsible Detention Of Sheikh Zakzaky At Sit Out

The continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky after an unjustifiable brutal attacks on his compound in December 2015, has been described as grossly irresponsible by the anti-corruption activist, Honourable Ebenezer Oyetakin at the Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out today at the Unity Fountain in Abuja.

Honourable Oyetakin was addressing the huge audience at the Unity Fountain during the 86th day of the Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out campaign.Oyetakin was one of the speakers at the special Sit Out, which also doubled as the Martyrs Day, in honour of the nearly a thousand martyrs of the Islamic Movement.

martrys day and free zakzaky protest abuja on 13th April 2018 in abuja