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Overzealous Hunting Dogs of the Criminal Enterprise of Zionism – Mahfuz Mundadu

In the mystical land of Scandalatopia, where impunity flows like a river and the government’s callousness stands as a towering monument to cluelessness, a carnival of chaos unfolds. The citizens, burdened with a heavy dose of voodoo statesmanship that transforms their lives into a surreal nightmare, find themselves trapped in an appalling tragedy midwifed by the hunting dogs of the criminal enterprise of Zionism, ably supported by the gangsters in fancy suits, agbada and what not.
The incident begins with a group of concerned and humane citizens under the able and indefatigable leadership of Sheikh, Dr. Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky (H), bravely stepping forward to voice their support for the oppressed and downtrodden people of Palestine. Little did they know that their cries for justice and solidarity would be met with a callous display of wickedness from the very guardians sworn to protect them—the security agents.
In an ironic twist of fate, these unarmed, law-abiding citizens became the targets of a government hell-bent on preserving its web of appalling impunity with reckless abandon. The government’s response was as predictable as it was heartless: send in the (in)security agents to quell any dissent, using force that only amplified the absurdity of the situation.
The Waff road wet market, Kaduna, being a vibrant hub of commerce and community, transformed into a graveyard where innocent lives were sacrificed on the altar of gangsterism. The pathetic irony reached new heights as security agents, armed to the teeth, descended upon the market like vultures, leaving behind a trail of sorrow and horror.
As the blood of the innocent mingled with the chaos of the market, the farcicality of the situation became painfully evident. In a country where the government proved incapable of protecting its citizens from bandits and kidnappers, it had no qualms about turning its weapons against those it was sworn to serve.
The silliness didn’t end there. The government, with its head buried in the sands of incompetence, continued to peddle voodoo brinksmanship that only served to exacerbate the suffering of its people. The citizens, already burdened by the weight of ineptitude, were now forced to navigate a landscape where logic and reason were mere casualties of the government’s brigandage.
In this theater of the absurd, the government played the role of the clueless protagonist, stumbling from one misstep to another, leaving destruction in its wake. As bandits and kidnappers roamed freely, the government seemed more interested in silencing the voices of wisdom than addressing the real issues plaguing the nation.
One couldn’t help but marvel at the twisted logic that governed the gangsteristic theory of misgovernance. While the government claimed to represent the people, its actions spoke louder than any empty rhetoric. The carnival of insensitivity, with its macabre dance of incompetence and cruelty, showcased a government that had lost touch with reality.
The citizens, however, were not without their own weapons. The pen shall prove mightier than the bullet and the snatched ballots, as voices of conscience rose from the ashes of despair. Writers and artists must take up their tools to paint a picture of the absurdity that had gripped our dear nation. Through biting prose and scathing commentary, we shall expose the farce that was Frankenstein’s balderdash.
In this Scandalatopian landscape, where the absurd and the tragic intertwined, the citizens found strength in solidarity. We must refuse to be silenced, despite the government’s attempts to crush our spirits. The more the government clung to its gangster ways, the more it fuels the fire of resistance.
As the carnival of braggadocios continued its grotesque macabre dance in ballyhoo, one couldn’t help but wonder how long the zombies in our midst could sustain such madness. The citizens, battered but unbowed, stood as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of calamity. This is a sober call of awareness for citizens to rise against the absurdity that threatens to engulf our humanity. For in the carnival of gangsterism, the laughter is hollow, and the tears are all too real.

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