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Outward expression of love for the Holy Prophet is a religious obligation- Sheikh Mukhtar Sahabi

At a well-attended Maulud celebration organized by Engineer Yahaya Gilima in his residence, Malali Kaduna last Sunday, guest speaker at the occasion refuted claim by opponents of celebration of the Holy Prophet that his love is best kept in the heart.

Sheikh muktar Sahabi explained that, the coming of Allah’s Messenger was the greatest event and blessing that ever happened to humanity, and therefore appreciating such a blessing is of paramount important.

Citing Qur’anic verses and historical instances to buttress his point, the Islamic cleric further explained that Allah has commanded His servants to show appreciation on every blessing bestowed on them saying, “The coming of the Prophet Muhammad was the greatest blessing that ever happened to mankind”.

“From rationale perspective, one does not keep mute while a worldly material blessing is given to him, he strives outwardly to be thankful and express his appreciation. Why not such outward expression on the love of our Beloved Prophet? Is he not worth it?” he queried.

He cited an instance of Bilal who was late to prayers because he assisted Sayyidah Fatima al-Zahra with house chores to enable her comfort one of her son who was crying. When he informed the Holy Prophet why he was late for prayer, the Holy Prophet replied said, what he had done was more rewarding than performing prayer behind him (the Holy Prophet.

Sheikh Mukhtar Sahabi also said, any action that will further uplifts status of the Holy Prophet such verbal invocation of blessing to him and his Pure Progeny is an outward expression of love to him, as well as a religious duty that should be encouraged and promoted. “From this you can see that, rendering service to the Ahlul Bayt can be more rewarding than performing prayers, even behind the Holy Prophet!” he added.

He therefore called to unreserved service and expression of love to the Holy Prophet and his Infallible Progeny for greater reward.

He further stated that love for the Ahlul Bayt is compulsory, as the Holy Prophet has left behind Qur’an his Ahlul Bayt as Trust, Ark of Salvation and Luminary Guides against deviation to the Ummah.

Speaking earlier, Engineer Yahaya Gilima expressed appreciation to Allah for giving him the opportunity to organize the Maulud in honour of the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers of Allah and hi Pure Household.

He also extended his appreciation to His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky for setting the stage for greater service to the Holy Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt (AS).

Engineer Gilima thanked those who attended the Maulud celebration and urged them not to relent in expressing love for the Holy Prophet, when other people were doing the same thing to their heroes.

Highlights of the occasion were colourful parade Fudiyyah school pupils of Madrasatul Ahlul Bayt Rigasa, Kaduna, songs of praise by a rising star poet, Malam Salisu, cutting of cakes and feast.


maulid gilima

maulid gilima

maulid gilima

maulid gilima