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Our Martyrs, Our Heroes, Our Hope

By Buhari Bello Jega
Friday 25th July 2014 will ever remain a day to remember. It is a sad day and a day of victory for all lovers of Islam and humanity. A sad day because, innocent citizens and Muslims were gunned down by Zionists’ agents- the Nigerian Soldiers, for showing solidarity and support to the good and spirited people of Palestine

over the genocide and crime against humanity taking place in Gaza. A day of victory because victory was achieve through the blood of our pious and dedicated martyrs, who gave their lives and everything to water the beautiful tree of Islam and Islamic struggle under the guardianship and leadership of Sayyed Ibraheem Y. Elzakzaky (H). 

International Quds Day is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria and across the world. It was a day set aside by the ever foresighted, visionary, Islamic revivalist, mentor, the light of Allah on earth and 20th Century Imam, Ayatollah Ul-Uzma Ruhullah Al-Musavi Khomeini (May His Soul rest in peace). The victory of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, 1979 under the enlightened leadership of that divine iron-willed man blessed with foresight, whose very name and whose very word inspire the hearts of Muslims, the idol-breaker, the holder of the highest esteem, the dearest of the sons of Islam and a rare, gifted genius, Imam Ruhullah al-Musavi Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace), the task of implementing the Islamic ideology of resistance, rising up and protesting against oppressors and hegemonic builders was sealed and delivered against the wishes and conspiracy of the world powers. Amidst victory of an Islamic revolution, lies the challenge of a cancerous virus in the heart of sacred land of Quds, now referred to as Palestine. And Imam Khomeini (Qs) had to rise to make the proclamation on the month of Ramadan of 1399 (August 1979). He invited “all Muslims over the globe to consecrate the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan as “Quds day” and to proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims in support of the legitimate rights of the Muslim of Palestine”.

Ever since that spiritually guided appeal to all, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the Guardianship and leadership of Sayyed Ibraheem Y. Elzakzaky (H) have always answered the call of the 20th century guardian and leader of Islamic revival and revolution in Islamic Republic of Iran. In the last 32 years out of the 35 years since that divine appeal was made, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship and leadership of Sayyed Ibraheem Y. Elzakzaky (H) had/has conducted peaceful procession without the brutality, criminality, heartlessness, craziness and stupidity we saw on 25th July 2014 executed under a so called democratic government. No doubt, even during the dictatorial, brutal and hopeless regimes of the military, we didn’t witness this highly level of insensitivity, cold and daylight murder of innocent citizens, including the three sons (Ahmad, Hameed and Mahmud) of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sayyed Ibraheem Y. Elzakzaky (H).

So, recasting the event of July 25th 2014 again raises questions begging for answers. One, the International Quds was held in 22 cities across Nigeria, in some cases the military and police providing support, why is Zaria different? Why killing innocent and harmless civilians including women and children? Why attacking the end of the procession instead of the beginning of the procession if they are as brave as they executed their job with the few innocent ones?  Why using innocent people for shooting practising while running away from the battle ground in Borno and Yobe? Is there any constitutional or International conventions or protocols that empowered the Nigerian Military to arrest innocent civilians and shot them at a close range? Is the military sending a message to us that, since they cannot kill or harm the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, let us target and killed his children and followers in mass? Can the military kill even convicted criminals like they executed the children and followers of Sayyed? Who is the military accountable and responsible to: The people and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or their new hopeless and ingrate masters? Is the military finally confirming what we already knew that, they are now the dogs and pigs of Zionist state of Israel? Is the government adjudicating her responsibilities and functions of protecting the blood, honour and properties of Nigerians to the Zionist regime in Israel to do as it’s deem fit against innocent citizens who are daily maimed, brutalised, terrorised and killed without any fault of their? Do we need to lament further who the original Boko Haram or their visibility? Because the original Boko Haram have just unveiled their evil veils and attacked innocent people on the 25th July 2014, as they often do in Zamfara, Kano, Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Nasarrawa etc under pseudo names such as Boko Haram, Fulani invaders, Ombatse etc? Even if the argument is a General wanted to pass and he was blocked (which was not true), is killing innocent people a justification for such simply civic engagement with civilians by the military?

These are questions, at the initial stage that agitated my mine, but, after a deeper reflection and assessment of the situation, i realise it was a provoked exercise to create crisis in the city of Zaria, as a justification to kill the revered leader of the Islamic Movement and launch a nationwide clampdown on Muslims especially the followers and lovers of Sayyed Ibraheem Y. Elzakzaky (H) like they did with their project with Mohammed Yusuf in Maiduguri. The killing no doubt was premeditated; the targets were selected and executed by the military. There is/are no constitutional or international convention or protocols that mandated anybody to killed innocent people including prisoners of war. Even the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War which entered into force October 21, 1950 was clear on how prisoners should be treated, not this perfidy and wickedness we saw on 25th July 2014. No doubt, the manner in which the targets were selected and executed reflects the training of Israeli special force to these evil forces that executed the 25th July 2014 genocide. It is equally, a direct pointer to the growing angers, frustration and hopeless of the Zionist regime and their attacking dogs and pigs over the rise and the emergence of a purified Islamic ideology under the guardianship and leadership of the moral and spiritual conscience of Islamic revival in Nigeria and Africa: Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquob El-Zakzaky (H).

No doubt the dawa’a of Sayyed (H) is not only rattling the forces of evils, but, their growing frustration with the failure of their plan to killed Sayyed (H) has grown out of proportion. They brought, trained and financed the best jackals or political hit men from around the world to execute this project of killing Sayyed (H), yet, Allah protected his servant, because, He has given him the manifest mandate to revive, safeguard his religion and change the social and spiritual status of the people of Africa (Nigeria) just like his grandparents did in the 19th century Sokoto Jihad. No doubt, it is fear and frustration of past and present failures and stupidity made the dogs and pigs of Zionism to come out in the open to did what they did, because, they knew, the pseudo blame game of Boko Haram card, will not, fly with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, because, of dynamic and spiritually guided leadership of Sayyed (H). So, after running out of ideas and desperation to pleased their  masters, they decided to execute it in daily light, thereby sending a message to the rest of the Muslim community: “Yeah guys we are the Boko Haram and there is nothing you and leaders can do about”.        

It is rather unfortunate to say, the Nigerian security apparatus are now infected with the cancerous virus of control and domination by the State of Israelis security evil forces. We have lost our dignity, sovereignty, honour, and status as free and independent control (even though no doubt we were never free, independent in the real sense of this word, but, it we had never descended so low like this). Now we have Black Skin, White Masks (apologies to Franzt Fanon) ruling people in this land of beautiful opportunities. The security is not accountable to anybody including the government in power, but, to their masters outside the shore of this country. That is why everybody including elected representatives are too timid and afraid to say a word. The last time Impeached Governor of Adamawa State General Murtala Nyako wrote memo accusing the Federal Government as responsible for all the killing in the north, he was threatened and now impeached. This is the powers and legacies of the new imperial government and the Zionist attacking dogs and pigs we have in place. Majority of northern leaders knew what is happening but just too afraid to talk, while some are equally the houseboys of the enemy of humanity state of Israel. However, the only voice that has been consistence and courageous of calling a spade a spade is that spiritual and innocence voice from the ancient city of Zaria Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquob Elzakzaky (H). He predicted it coming; dissected the challenges and revealed the true to the ungrateful Nigerians but, they fail to take action.. Even thought the people refuses to listen and follow his advice, but, the reality now is they have two choice either listen and follow his advice or they continue to laments and die a painful death, because the original Boko Haram have shown themselves to the world. They are now bold and courageous to come-out been a ghost to a real flesh and blood. And their allegiance, training, support, loyalty and directives are not from the constitution, government and people of Nigeria, but, from their masters in state capitals Tel Aviv, Washington, London and Paris.

However, as sad as this event look like, it is a great victory that was won with the blood of innocent people including three (3) sons (Ahmad, Hameed and Mahmood) of Sayyed Ibraheem Y. Elzakzaky (H). There is no struggle without sacrifice, especially on the part of Islam and Allah (SWT). If they was anything like that, then the Holy Prophet (S) and members of his families deserved this honour more than anybody else in this world. But, throughout their lives they not only struggle and suffered for the course of Islam, but, majority attained martyrdom, which is the highest honour to humanity, which our leader and our brothers and sisters have attained on the 25th July August. Equally, our leader and guardian Sayyed Ibraheem Y. Elzakzaky (H), Mallama Zeenatul Ibrahim and the sacred households, no doubt have been elevated to the highest of all degree in Islam, for having three martyrs in their households in the same day. Sayyed and Mallama’s sacrifice, commitment, and dedication to Islam were rewarded by Allah (SWT) with having three martyrs in one day; on a course for Islam.

We are indeed grateful and we rejoice and condole with the family for attaining this great position in the sight of Allah. No doubt, even the leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini enjoyed the blessing of having one of his sons Mustapha who was killed by SAVAK. So, shame on you the dogs and pigs of Zionists, because you think you have achieved success, but, it was a victory to Islam and humanity. No doubt, in life, whatever, you tell people they find it difficult or selfishly refused to listen may be because of the where the information is coming from or selfishness or arrogance of the people. But, the tragedy of July 25th 2014 was a great victory in reawakening the idle , victory was achieve because, the event united Muslims and non Muslims against the criminal and genocide by the Nigerian military. Now more than 40 days after the tragedy, people of different sheds and status are trooping to the country home of the revered leader (H) to condole with him over the genocide of the century, including people we thought will never have had the courage to do so, because, of their political ambition and status in the society. Yes indeed, the blood of the sons and followers of Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquob Elzakzaky (H) have finally reawakened and united the hearts of the sleeping humanity against the carnage and genocide going on in the country in the name of fighting insurgencies and pseudo named called Boko Haram. We are indeed, grateful for the sacrifice of our martyrs, our heroes and our hope.          

Even thought Muslims in Nigeria and throughout the Islamic world are concerned with the challenges we found ourselves in the name of ISIL, Boko Haram, Alqeada, Taliba and all manners of names they come up with, no doubt, with the event of 25th July 2014, our leader have given us the glad tidings that victory is near (Inshaallah). And i invite our attention to the following sermon of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (a.s.): "When Allah witnessed their patience in resisting the tortures and hardships, which were inflicted upon them, because of their love for Him and following the path of truth. He opened over them gates of divine assistance in the midst of those difficult bottlenecks of misfortunes. The deprived of yesterday, after that found themselves as rulers and governors; their glory, fame, prestige, reached to a point, which had never been imagined by them in their best of dreams." (Path of Eloquence: Nahj-ul-Balagha Sermon No. 234).No doubt, Allah has clearly reminded us that Islam is the greatest source of power and it can do wonders, that the power of faith is far mightier than that of the superpowers.


There is a saying of Imam Khomeini: "It is our duty to struggle in this fashion, and the result is with Allah". In the words of the Holy Qur’an, Allah has promised us the result as follows: Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion — the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace. They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. If any do reject faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked. So establish regular prayer and give regular charity; and obey the apostle; that ye may receive mercy. Never think thou that the unbelievers are going to frustrate (Allah’s plan) on earth: their abode is the Fire, — and it is indeed an evil refuge! (The Holy Qur’an (24: 55-57). The July 25th 2014 genocide is a pointer to this direction where Allah’s religion is pointing to and the future is more than certain for us and the belligerent humanity. The ahadith of Imam Ali (as) and the verse from Allah (SWT) have said it all, no turning back insha Allah; because our martyrs, heroes and hope have already watered the tree of Islam with their blood and sacrifice.

On the this note, i send my condolence to our leader and guardian Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquob Elzakzaky (H) and family for the great lost of children and followers on this day of martyrs. Our heart to a blessed, courageous and committed mother, wife and woman steel and substance Mallama Zeenatul Ibraheem Yaquob Elzakzaky for standing tall among unequal. Losing three children you conceived, laboured, suffered and nurture to full adulthood in one day is not easy; no doubt no woman can withstand such shocks and still remain normal. Watching her assisting her husband (H), family and the rest of the followers in preparing the final resting place of these blessed children, gave you the convictions, that, she is a woman of highly physical and spiritual honour, patience and courage. And i do smile and say to myself indeed Sayyeed (H) has a great helper both on the home front and the battle fronts which is Allah’s blessing, because, we knew even the Prophets and pious servants of Allah have undergone trials and tribulations from their wives. At least the households of Sayyeed Ibraheem Yaquob Elzakzaky (H) children and wife have physically demonstrated the qualities of this household. Mallama Zeenatul Ibraheem Elzakzaky’s unmatchable courage and spiritual qualities are a lesson to all lovers and respecters of womanhood. No doubt; womanhood is a blessing if given the right moral and spiritual opportunity and direction. We salute this courageous woman of steel for exhibiting mental and spiritual stability amidst the lost of three lovely children and other members of the movement in the same day. So, can the accusation rest now. For the hopeless soul who often argued that, Sayyed (H) sent other people’s children to be killed without understanding and appreciating the honour of martyrdom. Now it is in his house permanently because it is the tradition of this purified household, what next?     

No doubt, the heart is pained by this act heartlessness, cowardice, but, Insha Allah is a great blessing for the family and the rest of the Muslims across the world. Our martyrs, Our Heroes and Our Hope have shown the way through courage, convictions, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice, it is now left to us to assist Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquob Elzakzaky (H) to conclude the struggle and achieve victory insha Allah. May we be among the helpers and supporters of this great servant of Allah Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquob Elzakzaky (H) and bless us with the honour of martyrdom illahee.