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Our Lives ransom for the Holy Prophet, declared Malam Mustapha Nasidi at Maulud Procession in Potiskum

By Ahmad Sa’eed
Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Potiskum, on Tuesday staged the annual Maulud procession to commemorate birthday of the Holy Prophet. The procession is traditionally conducted first Saturday of every blessed month of Rabi’ul Awwal, but for restriction of movement imposed on the city on Wednesday, the procession was shifted backwards.

The procession attended by thousands of Muslims took off from the Potiskum Fudiyyah School, passed through the central city by major locations such as Unguwar Bolewa, NPN Market, Central Market, Hospital- Misau Road and terminated at Unguwar Tandari, by Dorawa Primary School.

While the procession lasted, residents commended the peaceful conduct of the participants as well as their bravery, despite the security threats facing the city.

Addressing the people at the end of the procession, Ameer of Potiskum Malam Mustapha Lawan Nasidi there could have never been a better time to commemorate birthday of the Holy Prophet than this time, when the society was deliberately disintegrated and plunged into chaos and anarchy.

“It is not our intention to cause chaos or disharmony, this is a religious obligation incumbent on us. We have every right to practice our religion the way we understand it without hindrance. If our intention was to cause chaos, we wouldn’t have passed through safe routes”, he added.

Malam Mustapha Nasidi pointed out that, no threat can deter Muslims from expressing their love for the Holy Prophet. “Our lives ransom for the Holy Prophet. No threat can stop us from expressing love for our Beloved Prophet. We would rather die than remain silent regarding love of the Messenger of Allah. Only the weak in faith would succumb to threats and be deterred to express love for the Holy Prophet”, he further declared.

The cleric further said, one would rather die honourably and on honourable cause, than die wretched saying, “bombs are everywhere now”.

He therefore urged Muslims to discharge their religious obligation without fear of intimidation or death, “A true Muslim should be prepared to give his all in discharging his religious obligation”.

Malam Mustapha Nasidi had earlier addressed a press conference, where he answered questions on the Maulud procession and the security situation in the state.

The procession ended peacefully, as expected.