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Our Demand is simple

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab
You can’t prevent people from protest without tackling the grievances of the protest. What prompted the protest? Its the continued Illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky. Do you really want us to halt the peaceful protests? Then release Sheikh Zakzaky unconditionally. To protest on an issue in a democratic system of government looks constitutional.

 The demand of the peaceful protesters all over the nation and beyond is ‘Free Zakzaky’ immediately and unconditionally. Why? He did nothing, he is innocent, even the government itself didn’t found him with any crime, if they held him responsible for a crime, why can’t you charge him to court? Are we not in a nation claims to be democratic? Why are you given contrary reasons in holding Sheikh Zakzaky illegally? Firstly, the government’s claim through their department of state security services that they are holding Sheikh Zakzaky in what they called ‘Protective custody’, a laughable claim. Secondly, they claim they are studying the JCI report, that is the reason behind his release.

What JCI reports has to do with Sheikh Zakzaky? If the FG releases Sheikh Zakzaky to seek for medical attention as he is losing his sight, will that temper the report? The Nigerian Government does not deserve to make a speech on Human rights because they abuse human rights on daily basis. They are preventing its citizens to carry out their democratic duty in seeking their rights. The behavior of Nigerian Police that tear-gassed the peaceful protesters demanding Sheikh Zakzaky release in Abuja is an instance of violation of human rights.

The illegitimate detention of Sheikh Zakzaky for nine-Ten months without been released and detained him to medical attention was the highest barbarism against humanity. I encourage the Nigerian government officials to stop lying on Zaria massacre and the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky. Our demand is simple; release Sheikh Zakzaky immediately and unconditionally as he did no crime. If you don’t want to see peaceful protesters in the street, release Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and his followers, if not, you see nothing, this is just the beginning. We will never stop our peaceful protest, because it’s our rights to embark on, until we see the release of our revered Sheikh. Our struggle continue.