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On the purported Visit to Zakzaky: Why Are We Happy?

By Aliyu Smith Musawy

The I have come to the realisation that our brothers and sisters are delighted with the purported news that some members of the Jama’tul Nasril Islam visited Sheikh in an undisclosed location in Abuja where he and his wife are recuperating from gunshots.

Well, I have no reason to debunk the news, but there is one thing I would like our brothers to understand as far as the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is concerned. In this moment of shock, when we are still recovering from the Zaria massacre, the Nigerian government is still not willing to desist from the persecution of our members. In fact our supreme leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is still being detained by the Nigerian government.

So why are we still happy with the development? Has it changed anything? What i fear for us is once we cease to protest against the

injustice, once we cease to pray for divine revenge against those who are complicit in the deaths of our people just because we have learned the situation of our leader, then I think our struggle has achieved nothing and we will have to accept everything that ensures including a false allegation that we were the cause of the massacre. So long as the Nigerian government wants to compromise with us, our leader, wife and hundreds of our detained members must be released unconditionally and redress must be given to us over the deaths of our brothers.

Our sanctuaries must be rebuilt and bodies of our dead must be released for proper and befitting burials. I don’t need to prolong my

writing but I call on our brothers and sisters to sober up, to understand that our enemies are busy trying to cover up the atrocities

they have committed against us.

Could you reall that when the army encircled Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah, En Rufai was in Zaria? He phoned Zakzaky asking the kind of help he would need? The governor went ahead to the army barracks to hold talks but no sooner had he come out of the barracks than a column of tanks and armoury personnel carriers were seen heading to Gyallesu and Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah to kill our members.

We must not forget this fact.

Therefore, our protests are not to know the whereabouts of our leader, our demands are justice for our members who are killed cold bloodedly.

Our demand is for our leader to be released unconditionally.