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On that call of Northern Nigerian Governors to`IMN

By Harun Elbinawi
“If killings can bring Shia to an end, the killings of Imam Hussein (as) & his companions in Karbala would have exterminate Shia Islam.” – Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)

The Governors of the 19 Northern Nigerian States held a close meeting on Friday (29/04/2016) to discuss various issues affecting Northern Nigeria and in their communique they called on “the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) to cooperate with the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) on the #ZariaMassacre so as to have lasting peace and progress in Northern Nigeria”. If we can remember the IMN had boycotted the kangaroo Commission that was set up not to investigate the brutal slaughter of more than 800 defenseless and unarmed Nigerians but to put all blames on the IMN and to bury the heinous war crimes committed by the Nigerian army in the brutal massacre as they buried the victims in mass graves.

To our non-Nigerian followers, the 19 Northern states are the successors of the defunct Northern Nigerian region that was divided into “states” as from 1967. The Premier of the defunct Northern region was the Sardauna of Sokoto, Hajj Ahmadu Bello, who united all the tribes and followers of different religions of the region to give all a sense of belonging. He also brought exponential growth, progress and development to Northern Nigeria that is still unequaled to this day.

I have an important question for the Nigerian President Buhari and the 19 Governors of Northern Nigeria:”Do you think that the Great Sardauna would have killed close to 1000 of his people that included hundreds of women and children and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves just to serve an evil foreign imperialist agenda?” Do you think that the Great Sardauna would have perpetrated such monumental evil and peak of wickedness? This was exactly what the civilian – military Northern cabal that included the Nigerian President Buhari and the 19 Northern Governors did in the inhuman Zaria massacre.

For the information of President Buhari and the Arewa (Arewa means “North”) Governors, the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was bribed by the Saudi Wahhabi regime to “ban” Shia Islam in #Malaysia and they paid 700 million US dollars into his account just for that. He did forced some regions of Malaysia to ban Shia Islam on paper but he did not kill any Shia Muslim and today despite persecution Shia Islam is growing in Malaysia. But in Nigeria you wickedly killed close to 1000 Shia Muslims for an undisclosed fee from the Saudi Wahhabi regime and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves to bury the evidences. With this your heinous crime you had brought shame and disgrace to Muslims and the great people of the Arewa region. No wonder a large section of Southerners still considered Arewa as full of “savages and barbarians” despite the rich and glorious history of Northern Nigeria.

After the brutal Zaria massacre the Nigerian President Buhari and the Arewa Governors rushed to Saudi Arabia to be rewarded for killing close to 1000 Shia Muslims just like common criminals. I am very sure that after they left Saudi Arabia, their #Saudi masters will exclaim “these bunches of Black Monkeys, Baboons and Zombies over did the job that we gave them. We asked them to kill dozens but they killed 800+ Shia infidels!” Those Nigerians who had performed the #Hajj pilgrimage knows how racist these Saudi savages are to Black #Africans.

To put records straight these Northern state Governors are the unworthy successors of the Great Sardauna of Sokoto as what they are doing today is the exact opposite of what Sardauna did during his Premiership of the Northern region. They are corrupt while he was not corrupt, they are divisive while he united all people regardless of religion and tribe, Sardauna served his people while the 19 Northern Governors are servants of the House of Saud, Sardauna was fair and just to all while the 19 Northern Governors are oppressors and unjust, I can go on and on….

Today Northern Nigeria is backward in all indices of development and progress, yet the Northern cabal instead of addressing the rampant poverty, unemployment, education backwardness and the #BokoHaram insurgency, this cabal chose to execute a foreign imperialist agenda that has the Saudi regime as a front by killing 800+ Shia Muslims and dumping their dead bodies in mass graves.

On a final note, gross oppression and injustice like the inhuman Zaria massacre will never bring the lasting peace, progress and development that Northern Nigeria desperately need today. And as the former US Ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell said in his latest article on the Zaria massacre titled “Nigerian security services, Boko Haram and the 2015 Shiite Zaria massacre” that the only thing that will forestall future crisis is that justice should be done to the victims of the Zaria massacre and Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife should be immediately released.

Harun Elbinawi