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By Jonathan Azaziah
Never before have the words "Happy Birthday!" ever been filled with so much despondency and immeasurable sadness. For the 15th of Sha’ban is not only Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) birthday but that of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky of Nigeria.

 The revolutionary Shi’a cleric, who has been a defender of Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Bahrain in the face of Zionism and Takfirism, is 66 today and is spending what should be a most wonderful and electric occasion in the monstrous Nigerian regime’s dungeons for the 17th month in a row. Bogus charges. No evidence. A decision from Nigeria’s Federal High Court that the Sheikh and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat be released immediately, but an intransigent tyrant in the pay of Saudi Arabia, ‘Israel’ and the US ZOG so subservient that he defies his own nation’s legal bodies and laws in favor of the Zio-Imperialist project.
An "Ummah" that is as silent on Zakzaky’s plight at this very moment as it was when the Zaria Massacre was unleashed by the murderous Zionist-trained Nigerian army on December 12th, 2015. We now stand at 517 days that the Sheikh, Africa’s foremost Mouqawamist personality, has been unjustly locked away. How much longer is this nightmare going to continue you ask? As long as Muslims and those who consider themselves seekers of truth and fighters of injustice keep their eyes and mouths closed. I’d call it egregious but these are the very same "Islamic activists" and "human rights" groups who haven’t come across a single lie against Syria and Yemen that they didn’t gleefully peddle on Empire Judaica’s behalf, so such outrage won’t be feigned here.
Political prisoners of course get used to spending their born-days behind the bars erected by their oppressors. Just look at our hunger-strking Palestinian brothers across the occupied West Bank and occupied Al-Quds right now. Or Lebanese freedom fighter Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Europe’s longest-held political prisoner who remains in his cell being tormented by the colonialist French regime as we speak. But the case of Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) stings particularly hard because there is no "solidarity" movement marching and advocating for them. Hell, there’s barely any "solidarity" at all! Being an African Shi’a Anti-Zionist doesn’t get you a damn bit of notoriety these days! And make no mistaken, anti-Black racism, Saudi-fueled anti-Shi’a sectarianism, and overt fear of criticizing Zionism as a global power structure all play a part. If only the Sheikh were a European Salafi "revert" staging fundraisers for the Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets, calling for a "one-state solution" with the ‘Israeli’ baby-killers and attempting to justify Al-Saud’s genocide in Yemen, then the international press and every "Palestine Solidarity Movement" hypocrite wouldn’t be able to shut up about him!
So though we aren’t "worthy" enough for the NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial Complex to care–and thank Almighty God for that!–our struggle plows forward like Palestinian shabab taking sledgehammers to the heinous Hafrada Wall. We may be few…
But we are thunderous. And there will not be an end to our cacophonous storm until Sheikh Zakzaky, his Queen and all the prisoners of the IMN are freed. As much as it pains us to see the IMN leader in the state that he’s in, I’m going to say the following anyway because Al-Musawwir (SWT), Who made you, o’ Sheikh, into such a formidable and inspiring force of nature, most certainly would want us to: Happiest of happy birthdays habibi Zakzaky! There isn’t a human being on the face of the planet who knows you or knows of you that isn’t better both in their Deen and in their struggle. May you celebrate the 15th of Sha’ban next year, liberated, among your beautiful and righteous partisans, and in a rebuilt Huseiniyyah Baqiyatullah where you will continue the work ALLAH (SWT) put you on His Green Earth to do. Insha’ALLAH khair ya Rabb.
#FreeZakzaky # LongLiveZakzaky
# HappyBirthdayZakzaky