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NSA Mongono’s hate campaign against IMN exposed

BY Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee
A recent report brought to our attention indicates that the National Security Adviser, Major General BN Mongono (rtd) addressed the National Economic Council last Thursday, 17/08/17 indicating the level of hate burning in his chest and evil scheme against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

In the lecture delivered to the gathering entitled “OVERVIEW OF SECURITY CHALLENGES IN NIGERIA FOR THE NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL” and marked “confidential” misinformed the Economic Council that IMN leadership plans to engage some of its members in some form of what he called “suspicious” training abroad. This laughable “confidential” report according to him was a result of what he called “evaluation of intelligence reports.”
The retired Major General, further alleged that already in the first quarter of 2017, IMN sent a contingent from Kano, Kaduna, Katsina and Sokoto states to undergo 3 months training on Shiite ideologies.
According to the NSA, Iran’s strategic interests in Nigeria “is a major concern to national security.” He said that Iran has promoted what he called “Khomeinism” and declared that in no region outside the Middle East has Iran’s ideology made a greater impact than in Northern Nigeria.
What is baffling in the whole of the presentation was lack of concrete evidence for these wild and spurious allegations. That a retired military officer who rose to the rank of a Major General and a supposed Security expert now holding the position of National Security Adviser would ferry these baseless lies as evaluation of “intelligence reports” would easily explain why Nigeria is in such a huge mess.
The main thrust of his baseless arguments lie in what he termed “Shiite ideology” and “Khomeinism” being a major concern to national security. The question is what is this his Shiite ideology and in what ways has it threatened another vague thing he called national security. Where are the antecedents that indicate that those holding Shiite ideologies have threatened the peace, stability and security of Nigeria? Was any of security threats the nation ever faced ever linked with Shiite ideologies? Of all the other security challenges he said facing the country; Cattle rustling, Kidnapping, Boko Haram terrorism, Herdsmen/farmers conflicts, Cultism, Militancy and Piracy, which is fuelled by Shiite ideologies?
This type of NSA’s burning desire to use lies in the name of intelligence reports and being a purveyor of hate for Shiites in Nigeria without basis have been the basis of official terrorism against members of the IMN. It is this type of hate position in high places that constitute some of the drivers of such massive official massacre as we saw in Zaria in December, 2015 where the military turned its brutal might against citizens, killing over a thousand innocent men, women and children over one weekend alone.
People like Monguno are not fit to even hold positions to care for animals, not to talk of to be entrusted with task of national security advising. Hate for a people is what motivates them into their evil actions.
We have noted this and appropriately recorded it as one of several hate campaigns that preceded, accompanied and followed the Zaria genocide. Maj Gen Mongono would be held responsible should any life of any member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria be threatened or jeopardized henceforth.
*©#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, August 2017*