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None disobeyed Ali(AS) except Cursed ones.

Only those who incured the curse of Allah disobeyed the Successor declared by the holy Prophet(SAWA), said the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) during the 3rd day of Ghadeer commemoration, on Friday the 20th of Dhul Hijjah 1434(25/10/13).

He explained this when speaking on what happened after Ghadeer declaration in which Ali was not only disobeyed by the Sunnah of the Prophet was displaced.

On the issue of the four Caliphates, the Sheikh said it is baseless and unfounded. Ali was not even among the four khalifas only to be inlcuded during Abassid after pressue from certain quarters adding that the first Khalifah was selected at Thaqeefah after which, during his death, he chose his successor too. It continued upto the third khalifah.

On the issue of infallibility, he said none after the Prophet and Aimmah(AS), is infallible among the companions.

He explained that the matter of Deen is matter of choice, so, it is not something of surprise that the Prophet was disobeyed regarding his declaration of his wasiy without immediate repurcussions, as everyone  is tested in this life. One day of Judgement everyone will be asked regarding wasiy of the Prophet(SAWA).

What is being covered from people will become clear when Qa’eem(AJ) re-emerges.

After the Sunset prayers, the leader recited the Ghadeer ziyara and closing prayer.