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No scale can measure reward for a tear drop meant for Imam Husain – Sheikh Lukman Hayin Banki

By Ibrahim Usman
Sheikh Lukman Hayin Banki, Kaduna, guest speaker at the Muharram Majlis on Thursday in Kaduna says, crying for the brutal murder of Imam Hussain and his family in Karbala is a religious obligation, which attracts reward that no scale can measure.

He urged people to enlighten the public on the significance of Ashura mourning as a duty, saying one should not feel saved and at ease when his neighbor remains in dark of ignorance.


According to him, many people were deliberately misguided without them knowing, and therefore those who know owe it a duty to spread the message across in order to save people from Allah’s wrath.

The cleric further explained that, authentic references were explicit on how Prophets and Saints cried as part mourning and condolence to the Holy Prophet over the killing of his beloved grandchild, Husain and other family members from House.

Sheikh Lukman also said, being in the service of Husain supersedes obligatory prayer, even with the Holy Prophet as the Imam, citing the case of Bilal the great Companion who missed prayer with the Holy Prophet while in the service of Fatima (AS) as he passed by her home and Husain, at infancy, was crying.

The guest speaker also narrated how the angels and other celestial bodies glorified the head when kept in the house of Yazid, and how it illuminated and radiated every corner and space at night.

He called on people not to bother with names they will be given or labeled while in the service or love for the Pure Progeny of the Holy Prophet (AS). “We remain grateful to Allah for raising among us Sheikh Zakzaky who bought to limelight the knowledge and love of Ahlul Bayt (AS). With his presence the name and status of Shurafa’ was uplifted to their rightful position in the society. Let your allegiance remain with him, now and always. We pray to Allah to spare his life among us, to the day we shall witness the fulfilment of this light”, he added.

Commenting, Ameer of Kaduna zone Malam Mukhtar Sahabi thanked Sheikh Lukman for the lecture and urged the audience to use the lessons enumerated by the speaker to add to their knowledge and love for Ahlul Bayt (AS).

He said the constant plots and machinations against Sheikh Zakzaky and the Movement was as a result of his love and steadfastness on the path of Ahlul Bayt (AS).

He charged member to also remain steadfast on the path, and demonstrate good conduct, by which Sheikh Zakzaky is widely known for. “Good moral conduct, piety, perseverance, sacrifice and sincere devotion to Allah are all qualities of the Ahlul Bayt (AS), which we must emulate as their followers”.