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No one should ask Muslims to apologize for events in Paris – Expert

Source: ABNA
No one should ask Muslims to apologize for the events in Paris, said Andrea Teti, Director of Centre for Global Security and Governance.
“Christians and Christianity have nothing to do with the ‘revenge’ attacks that we have seen against mosques in France after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine – no one would dream of asking Christians to apologize for those,” he told Youm7 via email.

What happened in Paris has nothing to do with Islam except that a small group of people abused the name of Islam to carry out horrible attacks, he added.

“To the informed public in Europe it is very clear that Islam is a highly diverse religion just as Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism which have theological differences, regional and cultural differences,” he said.

“Focusing on migration, on ‘religious’ or ‘cultural’ issues distracts the European public from other more important problems – for example, the fact that ‘austerity’ measures are making ordinary people pay for the failures of the financial sector, and the politicians can keep their interests.”

It’s easy for some politicians and media to blame immigration or blame Muslims for cuts in public services because this “distracts attention from the real culprits, who are the banks and the politicians who support them,” Teti added.