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No Excuse for lack of regard to the issue of Ghadeer

ghadeer 1435By K. Isah
The Leader of the Islamic Movement started by congratulating the gathering on the occasion of Ghadeer being the best of eid in Islam. The occasion took place on Sunday the 18th of Dhul Hijjah 1435 (12/10/14) at Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah, Zaria

He further spoke on the significance of Ghadeer citing  traditions of the Prophet (AS) while clearing misconceptions regarding it. He warned that a Muslim shall not, in any way, deny what he did not know;  he should rather find out the truth from the right source.

The Leader spoke also on the enmities and atrocities of Mu’awiyyah bn Abn Sufwan towards Imam Ali and members of Ahlulbayt(Alaihimus salam ) which was aimed at hiding the real  status of Ahlubayt(AS) in the eyes of the Muslims.  Many things have been fabricated to hide the incident of Ghadeer by the enemies of Islam, and for the purpose usurping power.

Insult of Ali and his children was famous during the reign of Umayyads to the extent that Ali, as fabircaed by Mu’awiyyah, was not considered as a member of Ahlubayt of the Prophet. Mu’awiyyah made his people to believe that Ali belonged to  Deilam tribe. So, enmities towards Ahlubayt became widespread to the extent that  one day one of the followers of Mu’awiyyah visited Madina  and upon seeing  Imam Hasan (AS)  amidst his followers, the man spit on the face of  the Imam for  being the son of Imam Ali(AS). However, Imam Hassan restrained his followers from taking actions and even convinced the visitor to stay with him in his house. The man agreed. The hospitality of Imam Hasan toward the man was outstanding. In the end, the man was convinced of his misguidance and became a true lover of Imam Hasan after a long discussion in which the Imam convinced him that Ali is Ahlulbayt and even married the beloved daughter of the Prophet.

Issues became obscured to people for combining two forms of wilayah in their belief- allegiance to those who deserved it and at the same time allegiance to enemies. The issue of wilayah to Ali cannot be complete without dissociating from his enemies. The two cannot co-exist in one’s heart. So, they paid allegiance without dissociating from enemies to the extent that both Ali and his enemies were considered leaders. This is the wrong belief which was inculcated in the minds of teeming followers. Whereas, love of Ali and his enemies cannot stand as this will obscure person from knowing and understanding Imam Ali (AS).

So, it is a necessary condition to hate the enemies of Ali as tradition of the Prophet (SAWA)indicated. Allah loves one who  loves Ali and hates he who hates Ali.  Even an insignificant love of enemies of Ali must be completely removed otherwise love of Ali cannot be attained.

The incident of usurpation is not accepted in Islam, unaccepted too is the confiscation of  water  to perform ablution or a place to perform a prayer.  The act of worship cannot be accepted under such condition;  unless if done unknowingly.

 Similarly, the usurpation of power by Mu’awayyiah can never make it right. Mu’awiayh has no excuse as he knows the truth, but those who did not know the truth and follow them unknowingly may have excuse.  However,  the issue still remains, for one with ability to find out and know the truth and refuse to do so; this person in inexcusable.

Alas, in the present time,  it is not possible to remain adamant in the dark as there is no hindrance to  investigation and knowing the truth due to the easiness in communication, movement and ways of getting knowledge. Unlike the people of Sham who were hindered by Muawiyah from knowing the truth.

Sheikh Zakzaky further reminded the gathering on importance of spreading the issue of Ghadeer saying ‘ Those who make effort to spread the message of ghadeer shall have their rewards with Allah’

The leader further read hadeeth of the Prophet regarding the lofty status of Imam Ali from Sunni sources which include:

           Ali’s creation is from the light of Prophet, ie. Light of Prophet and that of Ali are from the same source.

          The truth is with Ali and Ali is with truth

For his  undisputed position, Imam Ali faced greatest  tribulations and trials after the demise of the holy prophet for the fact that the prophet said without Ali a true of believer cannot be known. Thus Love of Ali is criteria for knowing a true believer from a hypocrite.

After the lecture, Shekh Zakzaky led sunset prayers.