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Nigeria’s Problems Nedd Collective Approach


Nigeria’s Problems Need Collective Approach- Sheikh Zakzakys


By Ibrahim Usman

Leader of the Islamic Movement In Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky says Nigeria’s multi-faced problems need collective response for lasting solution. He made the statement at the annual Sallah Feast organized by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.


Sheikh Zakzaky decried the ever-increasing problems in Nigeria associated with poor leadership in a country where the rights and dignity of human beings are degraded and reduced to the lowest inhuman level.



He cited the example of the increasing detororiating condition of education in Nigeria, where university certificate is for sale, and poor learning system and condition is becoming more and more glaring in contrast to other countries.

He pointed out that, three categories of people make or mar the society, namely rulers, religious leaders and wealthy people. These categories of people, he said, can make the difference positively or negatively to the development of society.


Sheikh Zakzaky however said, the Nigerian people are hoping for solution from those corrupt individuals that are ruining the country with no mercy. He said, such hope in hopelessness has never  been the tradition in human history.



He said the solution to any societal problem should come from within the system, from people other than those ruining the system. “You do not expect an unjust ruler to become the savoiur of the people over night, such thing has never happened in human history”.



Sheikh Zakzaky described collective response as the only lasting solution to societal problem, “all must be carried along irrespective of tribe or religion. No individual, religion or ethnic group can single-handedly boast of salvaging this country without collaboration of others”.



While calling for collective approach to the problems, Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, “Ours is to make positive contribution to the future generation so as not to allow our generation become a wasted generation”.



Honourable Ebenezer, Director Research and Documentation in the Anti-Corruption Network commended the Islamic Movement for organizing the forum, which he said is similar to the on-going global approach towards dialogue among civilization.



He said, his contact with Islamic Republic of Iran has broadened his horizon about Shi’a and the Islamic Movement, which he said is ready to partner with towards salvaging the society.



Also speaking, Pastor Yohanna Buro called for closer ties with the Christian faithful for more understanding and collaboration. He implores Sheikh Zakzaky to create a Christian segment in the Islamic Movement, as struggle for liberation of the oppressed is a global and collective phenomenon.



Barrister Solomon Dalon, who also spoke at the occasion, described the Islamic Movement as the only genuine Movement with a rightly guided leadership having the cardinal objective of salvaging the society.



Among those who graced the occasion included Reverend Jonas Ibrahim of the Gombe ECWA Church, Alhaji Ahmad Aliyu, the Chika Soron Zazzau and District Head of Unguwar Mu’azu, Kaduna, Dr. Kabir Tsafe, former Minister of Petroleum and Director of Arewa House, Kaduna, Alhaji Mukhtar Zubair Siraj, former Director General of Press


In Kaduna State Government House.