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Nigerian Security Police Attack on Ashura Majalis in Kaduna, Zaria and Kudan

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
It was just couple of hours ago, Nigerian security police under the order of Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufa’i, stormed three venues where the 1439 Ashura mourning is taking place in kaduna zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

In Kaduna metro police, it was reported to have said that, no sooner than the arrival of the armed Police security personnel than they started shooting. They met some of the guards(hurras) of the Movement at the outskirt of the venue, ordering them to quit from the premises. This was after their proclamation that, the Ashura mourning is conducted unwittingly and there is no warrant paper, permitting the mourning worship within the domain of the authorities in Kaduna.
On further insisting by the security Police, the guards and the few brothers at the outskirt of the venue embark on Takbirats(Allahu Akbar!, Ya Hussain!!) and they were finally repelled back.
In Kudan and Zaria(some chapters) of the zone, the armed security Police men stormed the Ashura mourning venues with innumerable deployment of Security Police and they successfully dispersed the mourners.
As at the time of this write-up, the Police security forces was said to have been deployed at the venues.
It was quite couple days ago, the governor of the state, Nasir el-Rufa’i, appeared before the media house of the state reiterating that, the decree stipulated by the Kaduna state government on all religious gathering and peaceful processions is still on effect. The state government would not tolerate any religious gathering or peaceful processions carried out unwittingly within the domain of the state authority.
Since after the release of the state white paper in 2016, proclaiming banding of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, within the domain of the Kaduna state government, renown activists and veteran politicians within the state and its neighbouring cities, had been denouncing the decision taken by the state government on the religious minorities in the state as against the constitutional right enshrined by the constitution on each and every Nigerian as regards religious matters.
Some commentators were associating the motives with a clandestine contract by the Wahhabis extremists as a result of their old-aged hatred on Shi’a Islam in Nigeria and the World at large.
It could be recalled that, it was merely two years now, since the coordinated attack on the Movement in its headquarter in Zaria and other zones of the Movement, killed 1000+ innocent faithful members of the Movement, arrested the leader of the Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky along side his only wife Malama Zeenah, after spraying innumerable gun bullets on the couple. Exterminated the lives of the rest of their beloved children. Set the his owned resident on fire and finally razes down the building.
These deadly and shocking atrocities preceded the notorious demolition of many monumental edifices of the Movement such as Hussainiyyah, Darul Rahmah, Dambo Village, Islamic center Danmagaji and Fudiyyah Zaria.
During this coordinated attack, innumerable brothers and sisters were arrested and are still in incarceration along side with the leader of the Movement and his wife in contempt of court order.
Of course, there is no word to describe an incessant calls by faithful brothers and sisters of the Movement within over 30 cities of the nation, political organizations, human right bodies, Muslims and non-Muslims organizations within Nigeria and oversees, sympathizers in innumerable countries across the World to release the illegally detained leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, but the authorities in Nigeria have turned deaf ears to these cal
In a final note, it is high time for these Nigerian dictators to be acquainted that, tribulations, intimidations, tutored and killings would not annihilate fate. Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a peaceful organization that is well known by all and sundry of its peaceful existence for over 35 years since its inception. Ashura mourning Majalis(sittings) is a ritual religious activities embarked by all faithful Muslims of the Jafariyyah school of thought. It is a gathering that is not only being conducted in Kaduna city or its neighbouring environs of Nigeria but all countries and cities across the World.
It is a ritual worship that a faithful is entitled and has the right to be observed as regards religious matters.

#Labbaika Ya Hussain!
#Zakzaky mus be freed
#God Protect Zakzaky.