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Nigerian Police Agents Stormed Centre For Brothers And Sisters In Kafancan, Kaduna State

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Reports reaching brothers and sisters in Kaduna confirmed that, security operatives this evening Friday 2/8/2019, stormed centre for brothers and sisters in Kafanchan, a unit of Kaduna zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

According to the reports, it was just in a split of minutes after completion of the weekly Friday sermon(Free Khutbah), when the security agents violently stormed the centre, famously known as Markaz, whisked away the leader of the unit.

It was also reported that the  Police arrested at least 2 innocent brothers, seized some useful items in the house of the leading brother of the unit.

Later on, they embarked on to-and-fro mobilization in the town Kafanchan as if they were on manhunt of some notorious criminals.

To our understanding, this unexpected attack might be in connection with the visit of Kaduna state governor, Nasir el-Rfufa’i to Rigasa Yesterday Thursday 1/8/2019, when pupils and students of Tahfeez and Sanawiyyah Fudiyyah school Danmadami H/Rigasa, Kaduna in a sudden and unexpected manner, witnessed a siege of their school by Police who arrived at the school premises in a 3 hillux van.

After a brief discussion with some of the School’s teachers, they seek permission to get in to the School building and all the classes. They were allowed, and they checked nooks and cranny of the School’s classes and offices. Finally, they left as they could not find any incriminaating items.

The surrounding of the Fudiyyah Danmadami as of yesterday Thursday 1/8/2019, might also have a connection with a public announcement made by youths Shababush Shurafah Foundation of the Movement, Kaduna chapter, earlier this week, inviting all brothers and sisters of the Movement in Kaduna to an annual program tagged, "Imam Ali and Sayyidah Zaharah Day".

In view of the sudden encircle of the School’s premisses yesterday Thursday by the security agents, the the youths later changed the venue of the program to the Kafanchan unit of Kaduna.

The attack of the security agents in Kafanchan today must have a connection with the announced program not the weekly sermon. Why? For years, brothers of Kafanchan area are regularly carrying out the weekly sermon every Friday peacefully without any disturbance either from the brothers or the general public.

As at completion of this report, we have not yet receive any news about the release of the brothers arrested in the area.