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Nigerian Muslims to mourn martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS)

By Ibrahim Usman

Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has announced the commencement of mourning of the martyrdom of Ameerul Mu’mineen (AS) from the 19th day of Ramadan.


Sheikh Zakzaky (H) made the announcement at end of the 18th day Ramadan Tafsir which is taking place at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

He said, while Muslims are warming up for extra devotional prayers to observe the Layalul Qadr, it is equally a period of mourning, saying that 19th day of Ramadan was the day Ameerul Mu’mineen was hit with a sword by Ibn Muljam (the cursed) during Subh prayers, and he died on the 21st.


The Leader further stated that, the Movement will sit for six consecutive days from night of 19th, full of devotional prayers and mourning.  


Sheikh Zakzaky said, there will be three-day mourning, on 19th, 22nd and 24th days of Ramadan, and that all Brothers should symbolize the mourning session by wearing black attires.