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Nigerian government plans to assassinate Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on return to country

By Ibrahim Usman
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has uncovered a grand plot to arrest and kill Leader of the Movement, His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on return to Nigeria from a visit abroad.

Shaikh Zakzaky is currently on a visit to Iraq, having been in Iran on a special visit where he was honoured by a foundation as a father of three martyrs during the 2014 Quds massacre by the Nigerian military in Zaria, Nigeria.

 The Movement said, the plan uncovered was in stages, with the first being to arrest the Shaikh as he landed Nigerian airport in Lagos or assassinate him if the arrest failed.

According to the leaked plan, Shaikh Zakzaky will be arrested and charged for impersonation, that he represented Nigeria at an international conference in Iran, while he was not a government official.

The second stage of the plan was to implicate Shaikh Zakzaky for allegedly importing arms into the country.

To this end, a green Italian or French airline laden with arms with number 179 will be stationed at the Lagos airport to make false allegation that it was from the same plane the Sheikh alighted through which he brought the arms.

According to reliable sources, if the above plan failed the next step was to cause chaos in the airport, which amidst the pandemonium will allow for the shooting of Shaikh Zakzaky as he landed in the airport.

The final stage of the plan was to lay ambush on Shaikh Zakzaky’s convoy and kill him as he heads home either from Lagos to Zaria, Abuja to Zaria or Kano to Zaria.