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Nigerian Government Plans Attack on Ashura

As the Muslims and people of conscious world over mark the unfortunate and callous incidence of Ashura where Imam Husain (AS), his house hold members and devoted companions were killed by the evil army of Yazid at the plains of Karbala about 1375 years ago,

the Nigerian descendants of Banu Umayyah are planning to attack the peaceful processions being carried out in Zaria during the commemoration of the unfortunate Karbala massacre. This time around, they intend sending their men in black attire that is normally worn during Ashura mourning so that they will blend with the mourners and will then open fire on some members of theNigerian soldiers. This will then justify their evil intention of attacking the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in full.

It may be recalled that few months ago a similar plot was uncovered and made public in which some members of the Nigerian Soldiers were to wear the apron being worn by Hurras controlling traffic and open fire on other members of the Nigerian Soldiers returning from their drill. One may ask why the Nigerian authorities are so eager and willing to shed the blood of its people. The desperation to attack the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is becoming more open. When on July 25, 2014 the Nigerian Army in broad day light opened fire on armless peaceful protesters killing 34 people three of whom are the sons of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, they thought that will provoke the Islamic Movement. When they were put to shame by the munificent and humble nature Sheikh Zakzaky handled the issue by staying calm, the Nigerian security apparatus went about giving false alarm to their out fits that the Movement was planning reappraisal attacks on their barracks and offices.

The Nigerian government having woefully failed in its duty of governance of providing the basic essentials of life and protecting the people has resorted to killing its citizens. We believe the Zaria killings of July and other subsequent attempts on the life of our revered leader Sheikh Zakzaky are all aimed at dragging the Islamic Movement in to confrontation with the government. Now that the country’s election is fast approaching and with nothing but lists of massive failures of the present regime, they are looking for convenient way of plunging the country in to pandemonium that may allow them cling to power.

We have also learnt that the Nigerian authorities are planning to declare an “all-out war” on the Movement. We cannot go in to war with them. Wars are fought  between armies. We are not armies; we are not armed with weapons. Our weapon is the truth. We talk and write to appeal to human reasoning to understand our mission of being servants of Allah who has created us to worship Him.

 Similarly they are contemplating banning the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The Movement is not a “terrorist” organisation like Boko Haram that you created and are funding. Banning the Movement will entail banning Islam, because it is our beliefs, deeds and actions that make the Movement. It is called a Movement because of its dynamic nature in the total implementation of the teachings of Islam. If you are to ban the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, what will be the fate of your constitution that upholds freedom of religion?

The Nigerian authorities and their masters have every reason to be jittery of the growing pattern of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. However, we assure you that whatever action may be taken against the Movement will only make it stronger. Yes, you may be able to kill some, but that will not stop the Movement. One should look through the channels of history and see which ideological movement has been crushed with force. Yazid and his army have succeeded in killing Imam Husain (AS) but have they succeeded in killing the message? Indeed Allah has promised to stand by those that fear Him and those that are doing good.


Dr. Abdullahi Danladi

Resource Forum

Islamic Movement in Nigeria