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Nigerian Government Desperate to Kill Sheikh Zakzaky

It can be recalled that last year in November, there was a bomb attack on the Arbaeen procession from Kano to Zaria which killed over 20
people and injured many, shortly after this incidence a statement was said to have been released by the so-called "Boko Haram"

claiming responsibility for the attack.  In this statement it was mentioned "And by the permission of Allah these attacks of ours against Shi’a polytheism will continue until we cleanse the earth of their filth."
Afterwards, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) who disputed the wide media claim mentioned in a speech "we know the names of the contractors and those contracted to commit the massacre, their identity is not hidden from us. Therefore we cannot be cowed by an imagining "Boko Haram" tale.
let them tell it to the fools and ignorant. They should know that they are dealing with those with foresight, wisdom, intelligence and above
all with the real religion" Sheikh Zakzaky (H) made it clear that the attack was a plot by the Nigerian government in favor of its foreign master the United states of America, just as the so-called Boko Haram is a creation of the same entity, like all the other terrorist organization all over the world that seem to be serving the interest of this same entity.

Nigeria, which is very rich in mineral resources and oil is surprisingly plagued by this so-called Boko Haram in some of the most rich parts of the country, which all points to the hand of a foreign entity that is paving way to gain access to the riches of the land with tools like Boko Haram and the Nigerian government in their palms.

Attempts have been made on the life of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) in the previous years by the Nigerian Authorities especially during the rule
of the previous and current government all of which failed. The most recent one, during the Zaria Massacre 2015, shockingly happened
shortly after the government cell "Boko Haram" declared that it would continue attacking the Islamic Movement until it is no more, which
also pointed to how much the intentions of the Nigerian Authorities and that of "Boko Haram" correlates, the more interesting thing is
that after the massacre it surely would have been much easier for the "Boko Haram" that swore to annihilate the Shi’as to finish the job it
had sworn to do, but surprisingly they went on a vacation on their vow to finish the Shi’as just about when the Nigerian Authorities were
going through the confusion of how to clean up the mess they made in December 2015.

In August, John Kerry ‘The Secretary of States of the United States of America’ visited Nigeria and met with Sultan of Sokoto, Northern
governors and the so called Islamic Scholars, in this meetings with them he mentioned that "extremism cannot be defeated by repression"
and urged them to change their strategy.

Surprisingly not along after Kerry’s visit, the so-called Boko Haram are back on track, releasing videos, one of which there was a threat
directed at sheikh Zakzaky. This threat was just in a single sentence amongst other threatening statements directed at others, but somehow BBC Hausa found a reason to make a detailed analysis on the one time the name Al-Zakzaky was mentioned and not on the almost 20 time the Buhari’s name was mentioned? It was almost as if they were intentionally preparing the minds of people for the upcoming atrocities the government is planning on committing.

This indicates to us that, it is not an accident that they chose to conduct an analysis on that statement, and happened to mention in the
discussion things that weren’t even in the video they claimed they were discussing. These points to a potential plot to attack the Islamic Movement and its leader, In the name of "Boko Haram," if the Nigerian Authorities or their masters (United State of America) think
they can fool us or the rest of the world then they are wrong.

Abul Fadl Foundation,
Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria