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Nigerian government and the many lives of Shekau

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It is becoming more and more glaring to the world that terrorism is a tool in the hands of global imperialism used as weapon of flag up operations to achieve political, social, economic and even diplomatic goals.

Definitely, there is no place you will find a conventional terrorist organization operating and terrorizing humanity that you will see or hear America, Israel or Saudi Arabia featuring in one way or the other.
The terrorist organizations receive technical and terror guidance from America and Israel while they receive funds and ideological guidance from Saudi Arabia.
Terrorism is a form of psychological warfare used in instilling fear and insecurity as well as dispersing and destabilizing people and communities. It is with the use of terrorism that nations relegate their security strength to the control of the imperialists who use it to control the victim states.
In Nigeria, it is not any different as even the government is meant to play a role in the whole saga and those in charge of security votes have their field days looting public coffers in the name of fighting terrorism. Many billionaires have been produced as a result from the political and military classes among Nigerians.
They deceive the public by making them believe that a terror group exists that is striving to establish the Islamic government. The only thing that is heard of such terror group is bombing of Churches, Mosques, Market places, schools and other public places. They abduct people and attack villages and set them ablaze thereby blackmailing and miss-presenting Islam as a religion of terror.
They don’t preach religion or build schools and religious centers and they don’t also engage in promoting moral teachings or any missionary activities. They don’t have any known contact addresses news media or public activities. It is such that the only identity they have is sorrow, tears and blood they leave behind wherever they visit. Definitely nothing of these signifies religion or godliness.
Yet, they have access to millions of dollars and naira they spend on sophisticated weapons and ammunitions. They are said to be living in the bush and only appear in towns at terror times to kill and maim innocent unarmed citizens. They abduct and enslave women all in the name of ‘God’s’ religion.
Not even the demonic posture used in castigating Islam of being spread by the sword do they depict, theirs is simply a game of terror that depicts Islam in bad light and not calling anybody to Islam.
Definitely nobody is ignorant of the fact that the sole beneficiaries of terrorism are the direct opponents of Islam and not Islam. They believe they can terrorize people in the name of Islam and exploit their ignorance of Islam to push them away from embracing it. Why they do this is because they see the rise of the Islamic system as a threat to their system. If you want to kill a dog you just give it a bad name.
In the Nigerian terror drama, the Boko Haram was founded and in various ways it had served interests that clearly show that it is the government that is the Boko Haram. More so, one of the reasons why the Boko Haram was created was to be used in fighting the IMN and it course.
There are a lot of ways to understand that the Boko Haram is a tool in the hands of the imperialists as well. The IMN is a threat to the interest of the imperialists most especially as they are not willing to lose an oil-rich and largest black nation to the Islamic system and opponent, Iran. And here is the IMN influencing millions of people towards that, preaching true freedom and emancipation from their grip.
Part of the plots to eradicate what they term as the fast growing Iranian influence in Nigeria was to introduce a terror machine and activity to possibly dilute or counter the IMN. The Boko Harm was then founded to be nurtured by its cabal within the Nigerian state.
To elaborate on this issue, it would be seen that for several reasons, the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration would have succeeded itself until the imperialists were sure that General Muhammadu Buhari would be even a better puppet than Jonahan.
Before then, efforts were made to disrupt the electioneering process and get everything to be suspended to extend the rule of Jonathan before ways that would make him continue in power were devised.
Let me give some examples, the Boko Haram was very handy and it was used in attacking Sheikh Dahiru Uthman Bauchi in Kaduna before the elections season judging by his widespread followership that could destabilize the country and suspend the elections. Hundreds of the Tarika followers were butchered on that fateful day.
On the same day also the blind support being enjoyed by General Buhari was also exploited using Boko Haram with the intention of getting him assassinated and creating mayhem that would possibly halt the elections and allow Jonathan to continue in power. That also failed as General Buhari escaped the attempt.
When the two attempts failed, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was then attacked on the Quds Day and 34 members of the IMN were killed including three biological sons of the leader who were abducted and tortured to death. They did this with intention that the IMN would react wildly and help them destabilize the country which they would use as a good reason to halt the elections but it didn’t work either.
Being fully aware of the drama the revered leader of the IMN, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, called for calm among the members and declared that the group will not allow itself to be used in shedding innocent bloods in the country.
It didn’t stop there, they threatened and also attacked the IMN during the annual Arba’een trekking to Zaria with the hope that they instigate the IMN into mob action but the plot failed and some supposedly secrete information leaked.
The Jonathan government later used the intensified Boko Haram attacks on communities in North East to reschedule elections moving the commencement date ahead by six weeks to allow troops suppress Boko Haram for elections to hold in serenity. They used this period to go back to the drawing board to see how Jonathan could continue in power.
It is even with the name of fighting Boko Haram that they squeezed out billions of naira from government coffers to bribe political, religious, traditional as well as business influences across the country. This is talking about one of the multi-functional roles of Boko Haram.
Even during the elections the Boko Haram terror managers didn’t want to lose power and they used the Boko Haram to threaten voters not to vote for General Buhari in some parts of the North East. During this campaign they entered the towns throwing press releases carrying their message of threats for voting Buhari.
There are several things that have happened that proved how Boko Haram had benefited the past regime and is still benefiting the present regime.
All the major attempts as mentioned above failed and it was clear to the imperialists and the Jonathan administration that Jonathan was going to lose the elections and would be difficult to impose him if he loses as it will destabilize some of their projects and plots in the country.
So they took the option of signing in Buhari as the next anointed stooge to rule Nigeria which was clear with the visit of the American Secretary of State John Kerry, General Buhari’s visit to the US and the Chatham House and other global publicity he got from the imperialists.
Nigerians should have asked why and how Jonathan could have congratulated General Buhari for winning the elections even before the results were announced. Majority were carried away by the blind support for Buhari and the belief that the electronic voter card played wonders. Jonathan could have been imposed as president but the resultant circumstances for that action would create a new scenario the imperialists have not planned for. So they opted for Buhari and instructed Jonathan to give up for the new plan. They also joined in celebrating with Buhari during the swearing-in where John Kerry was also in attendance.
They now don’t have to use Boko Haram as a tool of attacking the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as the new President they have imposed, being a Muslim with Wahhabi inclination, could use the conventional Army to do it for them.
The President promised to finish with Boko Haram and make the country secured as part of his campaign promises. It is now left for him to implement the intended project of Killing Sheikh Zakzaky, dispersing the IMN and banning and outlawing it. This would be used as a means of suspending the Boko Haram project in Nigeria to show his blind supporters that he has won the war against terrorism a promised.
He attacked the IMN but as God would have it the entire plot failed with the events that followed the Zaria massacre. They intended to use force, calumny, hypocrisy and public sentiment to wipe out the IMN. The plot failed woefully despite the support it got from the imperialist nations.
In a nutshell, this is one of the reasons making Shekau to be having many lives. In the case of the Al-Qaeda terror project, when it finished, the major actor, Osama bn Laden was simply announced to have been killed and fed to the fish in the ocean. It was later discovered that Osama bn Laden changed identity and is still alive enjoying himself. One would have expected that when he was arrested he was taken to court, tried and prosecuted but the story simply ended that he was fed to the fish. And the movie Al-Qaeda ended.
In the case of Taliban when the project got to the end the American government simply removed the name of the group from the list of terrorists in the world.
That of the case of Boko Haram is that of Shekau being announced to have been killed by the Nigerian troops and that the troops have taken over all the local governments that were said to be under Boko Haram control. Just a few days ago, Shekau resurrected to continue with the next part of the movie.
It was after the Zaria massacre that the Nigerian Army announced that they have killed Shekau the supposed Boko Haram leader. And the Boko Haram was to be suspended and the President and his Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai to be celebrated as heroes for ending Boko Haram and fulfilling a campaign promise.
But the IMN lives on even as the leader is being kept in illegal detention by the presidency under the DSS. Possible ways of dramatizing an end to IMN have probably been lost and the movement had gained more sympathy, support and strength.
Now the only option left to deal with the IMN is to continue with the Boko Haram project and possibly even use it in eliminating the IMN leader and some of his followers. For that reason Shekau was resurrected again to continue with the Boko Haram.
He preempted the next project in his resurrection speech condemning Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his followers while the Nigerian President on his part declares that he will not talk about Chibok girls again because definitely he has no choice after failing his masters in bringing an end to IMN, Boko Haram has to continue. All the Army could do to change their former position was to declare that Shekau was insane and called on the people not to mind his threats.
Nigerians are now waiting in suspense to see what the next movie holds with the fifth life of Shekau as the presidency is silently submitting to the Boko Haram project. Will the government fail its promise to Nigerians to end terrorism or it will submit to its imperialist masters and nurture the Boko Harram as usual, we wait to see.