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Nigerian Goverment is Controlled by Foreign Powers

By Dauda Nalado. –Zaria was almost stalled for good on Thursday, 17th Rabi’ul Awwal, 1433H/9th February, 2012 when an unprecedented colourful procession passed through the major streets.

Jubilant Muslims from all nooks andcorners of Nigeria, more especially members of the Islamic Movement, matched peacefully to mark the annual Maulud (birthday anniversary) of the Noble Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny. The match was terminated at the Eid ground.

 The revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) addressed the tumultuous gathering. He expressed felicity together with the audience on this all important occasion. The Seal of the prophets was born exactly 1486 years ago. At his birth, there happened miraculous manifestations to indicate the arrival of a great and extraordinary personality. The crack on the famous Kisra wall, the extinction of the fire being worshipped in Persia despite enough fuel and the surprise fall of idols in the Ka’aba are some few to mention.

The Sheikh(H) explained that the settlement of the Jews at Khaibar and Fadak, all around Yathrib (Madina) was as a result of their anticipation of the last Prophet as indicated in their book. With the advent of Muhammad, which was an Arab and not a Jew, they rebelled. The Quraish were envious of Banu Hasheem clan, from where the Prophet came from. Again other people envied the Arabs. The emergence of Muhammad was the Will of the Creator of the Universe. Salvation lies in total submission.

Despite all plots, the Prophet changed the World in 23 years. This has never been and is not going to be surpassed. His revolution was and still remains to be unique because it came with a complete way of life. It made the hard hearted warring clans and communities in to a glorious brotherhood. It was a truthful and intellectually based revolution. Mankind shall never be wanting of anything that has not been taken care of by Muhammad (SAWA).

In our contemporary World, all hitherto cherished ideologies like those of Marx and Engels have become out fashioned. Capitalist democracy is fast rolling down the ladder. Developing countries are tired of lies and treachery. Islam now has bright prospects. All efforts of imperialists now focus on derailing Islam. So they try either to hijack the current Muslim uprisings or even to institute a pseudo revolution that would still keep them in control.

This is what they did in Libya and are now trying to effect in Syria. They however ignored and keep on suppressing the genuine revolutionary movement in Bahrain. They conspire against the Islamic Iran under the pretext of ensuring non proliferation of nuclear arsenal. Commenting on the situation in Nigeria, He noted that the imperial powers always ensure that the Nigerian leaders appointed are among the worst. Real change does not mean the change of guards. It has to do with change in attitude which would establish dignity and honour of man. This is possible when people revert to Islam. It is the only way out.
The imperial powers discredit Islam and Muslims through blasting of highly explosive material. They hide under the faceless boko haram, a sect claimed to be Islamic. They impose a mad curfew- 24 hours. Sometimes they fire round of live ammunitions at suspected violators of such curfews. They deliberately flouted vital joints withcheckpoints just to terrorize innocent and peaceful citizens. Sheikh(H) said, a highly profile security report has clearly indicated the fear and apprehension of the so-called super powers on the current agitation for Islamic revival in Nigeria, that the country will eventually become Islamic. According to him, there is a growing fear by the western world that Nigeria as a regional power, if allowed to embrace Islam as a doctrine, will have multiplier effect on the whole African continent. “This is why they are now trying to destabilize the country in the name of Boko Haram, he added.

Nigeria is now without a Government that is worth the name. The Foreing Powers have taken over control of Government machinery in collaboration with some security ‘consultants’. Even the service chiefs are only ‘onlookers’. The imperial powers said that their stumbling block is the leader of the Islamic Movement. To this effect, the enemies of Islam have given out contract on the assassination of  Zakzaky (H) to a professional international criminal outfit Patrick Williams Company incorporated in the US. Malam (H) cautioned them that every soul has its prescribed death time. Nobody can change that divine will.
Moreover, killing a personality does not mean that the revolution would not be actualized. He gave the example of Lebanon where they Killed Sayyed Musa Sadr and his successor Abbas Musawiy. Despite all that, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, who defeated Israel woefully, emerged.

Malam (H) also noted that their proposed division of Nigeria into what they envisage as Christian south and Muslim North is not feasible and does not make sense. He noted that some predominantly Muslim states like Adamawa, Kwara, Lagos and other south western states were all part of their concocted Christian South. This would pave way for them to perpetually access our oil resources almost free of charge.

Sheikh (H), in his conclusion, emphasized that now is the time for Islam. All the signs of awakening worldwide indicate that the time for the awaited Saviour has come. Imam Mahdi (AF), shall fill the World with justice and fairness after its corruption with tyranny and injustice as postulated by the Noble Messenger of Allah (SAWA).