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Nigerian deteriorating security situation: Time to rally around Sheikh Zakzaky

By Muhammad Mahdi Garba
As the second scramble for Africa is taking a new dimension, the knuckle-head Nigerian president has conflated with the Zionist entity to achieve their goal at all cost.

 The Israeli-Nigerian consortium have been killing people in the northern part of the country under shed of the anonymous Islamic extremist with kooky ideology known as the Boko Haram for 5 consecutive years.

Earlier since before the advent of the evil-dressed group, times without number Sheikh Zakzaky has said that the western arrogance have the plan of transforming Nigeria into a living hell just as they did in Somalia.

As at 2008-2012 when Sheikh Zakzaky is unveiling the plot, many called him with all sort of names, while others criticized in different words. But today a blast from the past is what every personality see.

The Boko Haram, ISIS, ISIL, al-Shabab, al-Nusra, al-Qa’eda etc are terror groups created and funded by western arrogance to defect Islam and Muslims right before the world. There similarities have shown clearly who are behind this terror acts.

Schools, Mosques, Churches, Prisons, Banks, Markets etc are victims of this so-called insurgency. And, this is what they are doing in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq among others. A handiwork of Zionist  laboratory it is, as all the terrorist share the same brand of riffles, propelled grenades, vehicles, flags, army uniforms and most important the ideology of  defaming Islam desperately.

The attack on Muslim worshippers in Kano on Friday 28th November, 2014 is nothing but a Zionist conspiracy as it corresponds with a similar attack in an Afghanistan mosque which left scores dead while some sustain degrees of injuries. Despite all this, some Nigerians have the optimism of surviving by keeping mute, especially Politicians and religious scholars. 

This is the unfortunate time of our history when Zionist collaborates with the government in power to bleed the nation dry. It is high time that Nigerians should say enough is enough by responding to the call of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. The membership of the movement is opened to everybody irrespective of religion, sect or tribe.