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Nigerian Army are Tarnishing the image of the Military Profession

By U. S. Adam
By a mere looking at the topic of discussion, it is a self explanatory one.  Military personnel in other part of the world are doing their possible best to save the lives and properties of their host citizens. There are many instances where certain army sacrifices their lives to save civilians, especially women and children.

But unfortunately, in my country Nigeria the level of the Human right violation caused by the Nigerian Army is alarming. Many Nigerians are victims of military brutality and oppression against Humanity which influences citizens perception towards the army. Many have negative interpretation of military in general. In Nigeria, soldiers are considered as Killers,  Kidnappers, Destroyers of villages and cities.

It is not the fault of my people to interpret the military with negative thoughts. The Nigerian Army enforced tha interpretation on people with their actions. They killed numerous innocent lives in the history of my country Nigeria

The world is not aware of military excessive violation of Human Right, and that makes the army to occasionally maltreat humanity.

For example, the Nigerian Army are responsible for the massacre of 34 innocent members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria including 1 passerby, Julius Anyawu on 25th July 2014 in the city of Zariya.
Nigerian Army also killed dozen of innocent members of the Islamic Movement in the same year in Potiskum.
They committed thesame massacre in December 2015, by firing dangerous amunitions including RPGs on innocent and armless members of the Islamic movement in Zaria which lasted for more than 48hours and resulted in the massacre of 1000+ people including women and children.
Nigerian Army had killed and are still killing innocent civilians in Borno state.
They also killed so many innocent Biafrans in the southern part of my country Nigeria.  I cannot listed all the brutality of the Soldiers of my country Nigeria in a short piece.
Apart from brutal and merciless killings of its civilians, Nigerian Army also engage in kidnapping and abduction of innocent girls in my country, for an unknown reason. They can’t deny kidnapping of the  ChibokGirls who are secondary school students preparing to sit for their final year examination. And *OurZariaGirls* that 80% of them are university students, 5% postgraduates and only 15% are secondary school students.

The Human Right activists, ICC and particularly the global military agencies have a task to put an end to Nigerian army brutality, and to bring all perpetrators of war crime to justice.