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Nigeria is a Nation of Bandits, Weak Against Criminals and Oppresses Innocents-Prof. Deji Adeyanju.

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
During his lectures at the 3rd International Qudus Day Conference organized by Islamic Movement in Nigeria leads by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H), at Merit House, National Merit Award Secretariat, No, 22, J. T. Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja(federal capital), on Saturday, 29/7/2017.

Professor Deji Adeyanju is one of the human rights activists that delivered lectures at the conference.
Prof. Deji began his lectures by commenting on how he saw Mobile Police Security force taking a siege at the precinct of the conference hall. He explained that, "I have never seen a nation that is bandits, weak against criminals and oppressed innocents like Nigeria".
"This is a nation of bandits and roughs. Majority of the people in this government are criminals or ex-criminals. They only connive with criminals for criminalism. Worthwhile, they don’t like peace. They don’t like peaceful people. They don’t appreciate peace." Explained the speaker.
Commenting on the current re-outburst of the old-aged Boko Haram sponsored episode, the speaker denounces on how the Nigerian Mobile Police took a siege at the outskirt of the hall, disrupting the peaceful existence of the peaceful environment meanwhile, Boko Harram are continuing to exterminate innocent lives in different Northern parts of the country. He says, "Do you know how much these guys(government) are paid to Boko Haram in just last one year? Implies that, they are willing to succumb to these criminals’ mischievous wishes? Precisely, these government are willing to negotiate with Boko Harram who are retro-grating Nigeria and shed innocent blood. In contrast, they only love to oppress innocent Nigerians. They only love to oppress innocent Shi’its. What kind of nation is this that loves to oppress innocent and boots the morale of criminals?."
Reacting to 2015 Zaria carnage, the speaker cited examples of the annual festivals in Nigeria similar to that of the annual Zaria norm of flag hosting at Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah. He mentioned the annual Lagos festival, Calarba annual festivals and the rests, particularly in Southern part of Nigeria.
But you can imagine how army Chief of Staff went to Hussainiyyah precinct and tried to provoke these peaceful Shi’ites. Beyond this, they killed them. They went back the next day, killed them. They also went back two days after and killed them, and later ridiculed a claim that, this is a nation.
He also added that, "This peaceful Shi’ites are being pushed to the extent that, if had not being peaceful sect of people in Nigeria, there would be no option left to them than to subscribe to violence or insurgency".
"What is simply these useless sects of people in the government is implying to these Shi’ites is that, "Stop being peaceful. Take on arms and defend yourselves, if not, we will kill you".
Nigeria had an oppressive regime like that of late General Sani Abacha. But this regime is the most worst and unprecedented oppressive regime. Because, Sani Abacha oppressed Shi’ites during his rain, but he did not kill 1000 Shi’ites. He did neither kill thousands of Christians nor idol worshipers. And he didn’t claim justification of his crime in Media chart as did by the current President.
On continued illegal detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the speaker lamented over the unprecedented oppression of this innocent and peace-loving cleric. His six children were all killed in cold blood. Hundreds of his followers were exterminated. Monumental buildings belonging to the Movement including his owned residence were razed. And he is still detention for nearly 700 days despite court order to release him.
"Where this indiscriminate and callous oppression is practiced in the World?" The
speaker rhetorically asked.
Could you imagine a country that killed over 1000 of its innocent citizens and the president justified the killing in a media chart, shown in national television? As a matter of fact, the president’s response on media chart when asked pertaining Zaria massacre, precisely implies that, the punishment for touching the chest of a general is killing 1000 innocent people.
"This is a government where laws are not being regarded. Actually, there are stipulated punishments for every offence committed by every citizen in this nation, not that exercised in Zaria."
At the end of his lectures, the speaker call on the preservation of rights, laws image of people of honor roles in Nigeria. He said,very citizen in Nigeria has the right to live in every nook and cranny of this nation he feels satisfied to live. He has right to religion and every mode worship in his religion. Nigeria is a secular government where no specified kind religion is regarded. Government is established in Nigeria to protect all lives and properties and must respect the rights of all citizens as stipulated the constitution."