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Nasiru Elrufai With the All Out War On Armless Demonstrators.

For many years, Kaduna state has been battling with security challenges, where bandits and kidnappers operation becomes so frequent, ethnical and communal crisis among others.

APC government is the worst one can say in the history of the country, they started their administration by killing armless and defenceless citizens, including women and children. Over 1000 people where massacred under the pretext of road blockage. During the attack, 100s of students and intellectuals were killed by the perpetrators namely; Major General Muhammadu Buhari, Kaduna State governor, Nasiru Elrufai and the former COAS LT Gen., Tukur Buratai.

Wicked Elrufai ordered to buried the victims in a mass grave, some where buried alive, all in a bid to cover their criminal act. The mischievous act continues with different assault day by day, where in a broad day light the Nigerian security can open fire at any time the so wish to, kill and injures the followers of sheikh Zakzaky at will.

On many times, Elrufai has openly proud of giving the security order to attack sheikh Zakzaky’s followers when ever they come out on religious processions. Just of recent, he shameless threatened group of scholars and traditional rulers in the state, during a political meeting saying: "if Kaduna people didn’t vote for Uba sani (APC governor candidate) sheikh Zakzaky and his followers will be back". For him, the Zaria massacre and continues persecution is an achievement he can sell.

After almost 8 years, as their mission has woefully failed to be actuallised, yesterday, in his convoy, Elrufai came out to attack Shaikh Zakzaky’s followers in Bakin Ruwa area while on a peaceful protest, they opened fired with live ammunition on armless demonstrators who were calling for the Federal government to obey Court order to release the passport of leader, Sheikh Zakzaky to enable him travel to seek for medical care together with his ailing wife.

Kaduna state has no governor but a record criminal, whose aim is never about bringing solutions to security challenges bedevilling the state but killing innocent citizens.

Now that you have spent your 8 years of office killing Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers and shading their blood, be rest assured that none is forgotten neither forgiven, you will pay for everything, and severe revenge awaits you!

– Comr. Abdulmumeen Salisu
Youngest Activist
17th March, 2023