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Muslims in Nigeria to commemorate Imam Ali (AS)’s birthday

By Ibrahim Usman
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of His Eminence, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, will on Monday next week, 13 Rajab 1435 (12th May, 2014), commemorate the birthday of Ameerul Mu’meneen Ali Bin Abu Talib (AS) at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

Revered Leader of the Movement made the announcement at the end of the weekly Nahjul Balagha study session on Monday.

The Movement annually observe the day with a lecture by Sheikh Zakzaky and feast, attended by multitude of people from across the country and beyond.

Imam Ali (AS) was born on 13TH day of Rajab, ten (10) years before revelation to the Holy Prophet (SAWA), and thirty (30) after the birth of the Holy Prophet. His exceptional and miraculous birth was unprecedented in history. He earned the title Mauludul Ka’abah, as the only person in history born inside the Ka’abah.

Imam Ali is the “brother”, in-law and heir to the Holy Prophet (SAWA). He is the husband of the Prophet’s Beloved daughter, Sayyidah Zahra (SA), and father to the Prophet’s Beloved grandchildren, Hassan and Hussein (AS).