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Muslims in Nigeria marks the occasion of Yawm Mab’ath

By K. Isah
Yawm mab’ath is the day  when the Holy Prophet was commanded to openly declare his mission and invite people to Islam. The incident occurred on the 27th of Rajab and the day is duly celebrated worldwide by followers of Ahlulbayt(AS) to express gratitude to Almighty Allah for the greatest blessings of sending His best of creatures to guide humanity.


Large number of people attended the programme at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria on Monday the 27th of Rajab 1435 (26/5/14).

After normal salutation the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky started his speech by explaining the significance  of yawm mab’abth  which he said it was the blessed day of 27th of Rajab 13th year before Hijrah. On this day the prophet was ordered to declare his mission and to call humanity to the Islam. The Leader said the holy Prophet was not made a Prophet on that day, rather, he has been the prophet ever since creation. Out of  the Prophets sent to humanity at various time and places, Prophet Muhammad (SA) was the last to come, though,  the other prophets were sent by him  to call people in advance and to give tidings of his coming. Sheikh Zakzaky explained.

During the birth of the Prophet a number of miracles were seen. The light of Prophethood  kept moving from one person to another  upto  Abdullah the father of the Prophet (SAWA). People noticed the light and when Abdullah married Amina (AS) the light was seen in her only to disappear again with the birth of the Prophet(SAWA).

Unlike Prophet Isa(AS), Prophet Muhammad (SAW)did not declare his mission while in cradle, and this is how Allah wanted it to be. Isa and Dawid declared their mission and spoke to their people. In both cases there was wisdom behind.

Sheikh Zakzkaky further spoke on the Arabian society prior to the coming of the Prophet. He said, though,  Arabs were indulged in  bad culture such as  war amongst tribal factions and barbarism, they practiced few good manners, like ritual birth and their not consuming of dead animals in addition to traces of some diluted teachings of Ibrahim(AS).

In a situation like this, the Prophet Muhammad(SAWA) was raised among them- he is a prophet to all mankind irrespective of era and place.

He came at a time when eloquence, wisdom and knowledge were the order of the day. It was a time when magic and sorcery were considered outdated due to spread of eloquency and wisdom. He came with Qur’an- a book of wisdom, eloquence and knowledge which they could not challenge.

Before declaring his mission, the Prophet lived among his people for 40 years. Within this period none among his people who did not attest to his superiority in truthfulness, sincerity, honesty and trust to the extent that they used to make him a judge during disputes among them.

The Arabs saw him as honest person who had no equal, though, he was not commissioned to call people. The commissioning took place on 27th of Rajab.

The day he was sent trees, shrub s and animals greeted him on his way back home from seclusion saying ‘asslamu alaika ya rasulullah’. They knew about it because they were informed by Allah as his the messenger to humanity.

Sheikh Zakzaky cleared misconception regarding the seclusion of the Prophet in the cave of Hirah, saying the Prophet, while inside cave, was never squeezed by Gabrael telling him to recite while the prophet said’ im not a reciter’. This is unfounded. Also unfounded were  other similar reports that were fabricated to show that the Prophet is a common man and that prophethood can be attained by anyone through devotion.

The Prophet, contratry to above fabrications, is Prophet of Allah  even before he was ordered to declare his mission on 27th of Rajab. Imam Ali was reported to have prayed behind the prophet 7 yrs before declaring his mission. Many fabrications were made to hide the truth regarding the prophet and Imam Ali(AS), Sheikh Zakzaky said. He further said Imam Ali is never a prophet and whosever ascribes Priophethood to him is astray and become unbeliever.

The Sheikh explained the recommended acts in the day and night of 27th of Rajab. They incude fasting prayers and ziyara of the Prophet and Imam Ali(AS).

Ziyara and other supplications were recited by the Sheikh after the sunset prayers.