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Muslims in Nigeria marked Shuhada Day and Martyrdom of Imam Kazim

 By K. Isah
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria marked the annual SHuhada Day and martyrdom of Imam Musa bn Jafar Alkazim(Alaihis salam) in Zaria on Saturday the 25th of Rajab 1435 (24/5/14) and was attended by hundreds of thousands of people from far and near. 

The Leader of the islaimc Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky addressed the gathering on the martyrdom  of Imam Kazim(AS) as well as the signififance of martyrdom in Islam.

Parade by the children of the martyrs as well as Pictures of martyrs were exhibited in a colourful parade.  Ziyarat of Imam Kazim(alaihis salam)  was recited by 2 children of the martrys.

In his speech the Chairman of Shuhada Foundationf mallam Abdullahmid Bello described the activities of the foundation which include taking care of the families of the martyrs. He explained that the number of martys recorded by the foundation reached 145 and their  famiies are now 247.

Mallam bello added that some of the activities include.

-Taking care of families left behind by martrys especially in thier education adding that this year 20 of the children of martys and 2 have completed their seconday school education and  have memorised the holy Qur’an.

-Books on the biography of the Shuhada are being published.

-Organising extra lessos specifically for the children of the martyrs as well seminars.

-Skill acquisation programme for the children of the martyrs as well fund after acquiring the Skills.

-The other Project undertaking by the Foundation is building of its headquarters in Zaria.

Mallam Bello called on members to pay thier monthtly Shuhada dues, as generation falled this year.

In his speech the Leader of the islamic Movement spoke on the matrydom of Imam Kazim(AS) as well as lessons in his martrydom(AS). The leader spoke on the martryss of the Islamic Movement and the their Rights upon the livings which include prayers, taking care of their families and being steadfast on the course.

The leader also cautioned the killers over killings of innocent souls for no offence, but their committment on the path of Allah, just like Imam kazim(AS).

The issue of new method of Balkanising Africa as well as daily killing of inncent souls in Nigeria in the name of Boko haram was explained by the leader incl uding the motives behind the ploy.

Two sisters lost thier lives auto accident on their way to Zaria to attend the occassion. Sheikh Zakzaky led the funeral prayers.