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Muslims are not Terrorist?

By  Aliyu Smath Almusawy
Yes, Muslims are not terrorist because they are not to blame for the nuke of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the second World War was not the handiwork of Muslims. 

But this denial should not be an eternal axiom, because they are certain groups who parade themselves as real Muslims, but their minds are only programmed to kill Muslims and pin the blame on Shias. They kill moderate Sunnis who disagree with their belligerent and deviant creed, they slaughter and glorify the killings of Shias all over the world all in the name Islam. They hate and massacre Christians and desecrate their places of worships in the name Islam. they claim Islam is a religion of peace but their branded ideology is the Islam they presume to represent Islam and everything else is subversive which would be eradicated with everything at their disposal including violence and terrorism.


The greatest mistakes made by Sunni Islam is allowing this ideology to penetrate it and tamper with its peaceful nature. Nearly every Muslim in this world has a kind of visceral hatred against his fellow Muslim.

Our religion is one. We worship the same God, follow the teaching of the same prophet and we use the same holy Book but look at the way

this ideology has set us against one another. The current intra-schism in Islam is the consequence of our collective failure to seal up a porous border of unity which is becoming more and vulnerable to terrorism as a result of the presence of Wahhabism. Muslims are not

terrorist, Shias are not terrorist and Salafists are not terrorist but every act of terrorism hatched in the name of Islam has a direct link

with Salafists.