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Muslim Scholars Urged to Return Muslim World to Its Golden Era

Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq called on Muslim scholars to lead the Islamic world to its previous golden era.

Addressing the just concluded meeting of the international conference of Islamic Awakening tagged “The Role of Muslim World in Global Power Structure”. Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim added that Islamic scholars ought to lead Muslims out of the current situation.

According to him, the Muslim world is facing various challenges at present, stressing that it is Muslims who face the challenges and not Islam. Referring to the wave of Islamic Awakening that has swept several countries, Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim stressed the need for raising the Islamic Ummah awareness about different aspects of the Islamic Awakening in political, economic, scientific and religious areas.

He however laments the activities of extremists, whom he said are presenting a violent image of Islam, stressing those extremist groups should be dealt with.

He also described the issue of Palestine as the heart of the Islamic world, and said no decision will be made by the Muslim world unless it is in the interest of the Palestinian nation.