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Murder of Fellow Citizens by Nigerian Military vis-a vis the Desperation of World Arrogance

By Dauda Nalado
The international Quds Day procession is a global event, being observed by people of conscience and those with human minds within the Muslims and non-Muslim circles alike.

The last Friday of each Ramadan was proclaimed by the revolutionary leader Ayatullah Ruhullah Khumeini (QS) to express solidarity with the occupied Palestine and other oppressed peoples of the World. It is the Duty of all Muslims to liberate al-Quds and to remove this nucleus of Evil (Israel) from Islamic Lands”. The event this year could not come at a better time because the besieged Gazza has been under constant Israel shelling and bombardments leading to deaths and injuries of women, children and the elderly. The toll runs into thousands.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub El- Zakzaky (H) had ever since been observing the event peacefully in more than 20 cities across the country. This year it ended well except in the heart of the Movement, Zaria, where the Nigerian Army brutally descended upon the armless protesters who did not commit even an act of provocation. This barbaric, ungodly and wicked cold blood murder per excellence resulted in the martyrdom of 33 members including 3 exuberant biological sons of Malam (H). Could this be a coincidence? Certainly, it is far from that. This is a hatched strategic plan with far reaching consequences. The Nigerian Government through its Military murder apparatus was only used and the so called leaders who are partners in crime should not have been so dull and foolish to allow themselves to be abused to this extent.

The real culprit in this sinister stratagem is the World Arrogance comprising the apartheid illegitimate Israel, the West and the great Satan, United States of America, of course with the tacit support of some Arab puppet Regimes. This write up intends to look at the relationship between the gruesome act manifested in a strategic African country and the desperate move by these foreign powers to advance their agenda: Usurpation of the vast African treasures and dealing with any resistance or threat to that. This time around they cannot colonize us. Instead they fabricated false flag terror in the name of Islam.

The World Arrogance on one hand thrives on parasitism. From slave trade, colonization, neo-colonization and re-colonization, they put World peoples under subjugation, poverty and humiliation while they steal their resources. They implant stooges to facilitate their agenda. They promote conflicts, tribalism, sectarianism and internecine wars to divide people and rule them. They destroyed Libya and now busy stealing their oil. They had wanted to do same for Syria but Allah thwarted their effort. They are now trying to balkanize Iraq through ISIS terror.  These are grounds to make the Islamic Republic in Iran vulnerable and at the same time to safeguard the cankerworm Israel.

The Islamic resistance, spear headed by Iran, on the other hand, tries to establish faith in God, who is the ever-lasting creator and planner of the entire universe. It exhibits compassion, generosity and justice to others. It tries to maintain integrity both in words and deeds. It encourages the quest for dignity to reach the pinnacles of perfection, the aspiration to elevate one’s material and spiritual status, and the longing to realize liberty; Defying oppression, corruption, and discrimination in trying to support the oppressed; Seeking happiness, and lasting prosperity and security for all. All divine prophets and social reformers invited human beings to tread on this righteous path. God has given dignity to humankind to elevate his status to assume his role as the vicegerent of Allah on the Earth.

The Arrogant powers not only fear the stark reality that Islamic Movement in Nigeria is the only stumbling block to achieving their evil goals but also fear its high prosperity to succeed in establishing a full pledged, robust and hijack-free revolution similar to that of Iran. This will have a multiplier effect in the whole of resourceful Africa. To this end, they did not spare any time in hatching plans day in day out to crush the Movement, more especially its charismatic, articulate and focused leadership. In the following paragraphs some few recent examples of such attempts are given to establish the link.

The bully boy in the Kaduna Police Command then and now the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Tambari Yabo, on 13th February 2009, unilaterally sent an “intelligence report” to the Inspector General of Police – IG on the activities of the ‘Shi’ites’, which he said was threat to national security. This might not be unconnected to the terror alert by the US embassy in Abuja to instigate the Nigerian Government to move against Sheikh El-Zakzaky. The idea was to link him with the Al-Queda and other terror networks. Same year, there was a revelation  on government’s covert attempt to bomb the Sheikh’s residence in Gyallesu, Zaria and descend on his followers as it did members of Boko Haram by way of mass massacre. Again, In September, 2009 the police shot two people and rendered many injured in Zaria during the annual Quds day march organized by the Movement.

It could also be recalled that the “mafia boss," one of the far-right extremists, the then Foreign Minister of the illegal State of Israel, Avigdor Liebermann visited Nigeria under the guise of forming bilateral Trade Pact. The aim, among other things was at persuading the Nigerian government and the public to adopt Israel’s definition of the situation in the Middle East. Above all, he came because Israel is so much concerned about the progress of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (mischievously referred to as Shiites) led by the Revered Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), assumes it to be the result of Iran’s influence and seek to form a backdoor strategy of dictatorship to their errand boys supposedly referred to as Nigerian leaders to deal with it. 

Furthermore, the CNN report, the TELL Magazine article, The Africa Report article and the CTC Sentinel (produced by Combatting Terrorism Centre , WESTPOINT) report immediately come to limelight: Look at some of the captions: Insecurity: The Middle East factor; Northern Nigeria: An Iranian haven’s future implications; The Islamic Movement and Iranian Intelligence Activities in Nigeria. A careful look at these reports, however, reveals that they emanate from the same source, CIA- MOSSAD hub. The subjects of these write-ups have always been Iran, Hizbullah and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Zakzaky (H). These reports are trying hard to portray the Movement as a terrorist outfit and thus prepare the grounds for its planned assault by the antagonists.

Apart from all these woeful attempts to link up the movement to Boko Haram terror, their attack at Markaz Potiskum had wanted to set a stage for sustained attack on the Movement probably under the propaganda that Boko haram fights Shiites. The plan backfired because it came to limelight that it was the government forces who unleashed the terror, resulting in martyrdom of 4 innocent people. There were several attempts by the security operatives to deposit weapons in places where members of the Movement conduct programs and specifically around Gyallesu quarters near the residence of Sheikh (H).

Later they would then conduct the foolish and laughable ‘cordon and search’ operation only to ascribe the possession of weapons to the Movement. This would then be used as basis for crackdown. This was exactly what they wanted after killing Albani in Zaria, dozens of soldiers were deployed to Gyallesu under the pretext of ‘saving’ Malam (H) from likely attack on “Shites’ by the Salafists. Indeed this, to say the least, portrays their sheer stupidity. It is pertinent to mention here that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is not an armed movement, and will never be one, even though it had been a victim of state terrorism for 35 years of its history. Having done so much but with minimal yields, the masterminds behind the Boko Haram, i.e the World Arrogance, decided to come themselves. This they did swiftly through the Chibok girls’ drama.

Their first major assignment, perhaps, was to assassinate Malam Zakzaky (H). During the program on Birthday of Imam Mahdi (AF), Nisf Sha’aban 1435H, they came to Zaria with plan to ambush the entourage of Malam as he goes back home from Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah. They covered their skin in the supremacists’ Klux Klass Klan attire and fully masked. Allah sent torrential rainfall which thwarted their evil plan. They did not relent but went back to the residence of the Sheikh at Gyallesu quarters after midnight. They mysteriously reversed back in high gear. The Government of Allah drove them back.

Having been fully in the picture of all the attempts to unleash terror on the Movement so far, this last desperate attack on armless protesters on Quds day in Zaria and purposely cold blood murder of the sons of Zakzaky (H) must have been hatched by the representatives of World Arrogance here-present and executed by the Nigerian regime of Ebele Jonathan which is completely subservient to the Zionists. To prove loyalty to his masters, his murderous army perpetrated the bloodbath.  Ebele proves to be more deadly than the much alarmed Ebola viral disease and has already created an epidemic of murder in North Eastern Nigeria.

 The Quds day pogrom was miscalculated by its architects.  They envisage that we would lose focus and go on rampage so that the Nigeria Army could be misused to unleash total terror and onslaught on Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers in Zaria and other parts of the country. Malam (H) had always been a well articulated, focused and consistent leader. As a divinely appointed and guided Mujaddid, he was composed. He has remained steadfast in his call to total submission to the authority of Allah and so cannot be provoked. The Movement has vision and mission. It has Aim and objectives with policies to achieve them.

 Having failed the provocation ploy, the evil doers resort to character assassination and used some junk journal media to write blatant lies. They made rubbish of all journalistic ethics. The National daily, Polity weekly print media carried captions as: ‘my sons’ blood cry for vengeance’, which are worthless than folktale titles. This time the tyrants may be preparing ground for Boko haram style terror probably in the name of ‘Shiite sect vengeance’. Remember, they created similar scenario when they murdered Muhammed Yusuf extra judiciously. They came up with a faceless outfit claiming vengeance. They can never create such scenario with the Movement under whatever guise. Even if they try to create a nonexistent faction, their effort would appear so naïve that it would woefully crash even before it takes off. The stance of the Movement is glaring for all.

Behold, those who are bent on denying the truth spend their wealth to hinder people from the path of Allah; and will go on spending; but in the end they will have (only) regrets and sighs; at length they will be overcome; and those who (until their death) have denied the truth shall be gathered unto Hell. Qur’an; 8:36

The Quds day rally massacre in Zaria and indeed subsequent ones to come will never deter committed Muslims from continuing their struggle. Instead, it would increase their hatred of a corrupt regime that is driving Nigeria into an endless cycle of violence and bloodshed and arouse greater awareness and patronage of the Movement among the people. Neither the Nigerian pseudo- democracy, nor a Military junta or Boko Haram terrorists will be able to save the unjust system established by colonial hegemony from imminent collapse. Their worst atrocity on the Movement has always been the best to the Movement. Victory is certain because it is the promise of Allah for HE never reneges in HIS promise. The World Arrogant powers will never achieve their aims.

I wish to use this medium to express my deep condolence to the leader of Islamic Movement in Africa, our mentor and guide, His Eminence, Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub El-Zakzaky (H) on the martyrdom of 33 disciples including three of his sons. Of course we mourn the loss, but martyrdom is our pride and we hope that Allah (SWT) would accept this sacrifice. Through these precious bloods, we pray to Almighty to emancipate us from imposed state of humiliation to that of dignity.