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Mu’assatu Abul Fadhl Abbas organizes one-day seminar on Islamic Awakening for youths in Bauchi

 By Khalid Idris Doya
Abul Fadhl Abbas, Bauch zone ahs organized a day seminar for youths as part of activities to commemorate the Maulud Nabiy. The seminar, which took place at the Bauchi Fudiyya School on January 1, 2015, targeted warring factions among youths in several localities for the purpose of unity towards societal change.

Hitherto combatant youth groups were seen at the occasion shaking hands and talking together as brothers.

First speaker at the occasion, Malam Ukasha Idris Ibrahim narrated the how the Holy Prophet met situation in the Age of Darkness (Jahiliyyah), and the steps he took to the eventual change.

He also discussed the situation after the departure of the Holy Prophet, and the challenges face in the course of re-awakening of the Ummah.

Malam Ukasah also discussed the change brought by Sheikh Usman Bin Fodiye, which culminated into positive change in the entire African continent.

He however lamented the disintegration of the society after Bin Fodiye, with the colonial conquests in conjunction with corrupt some past and present Nigerian leaders. “Unity among Christians and Muslims was disintegrated by creating for them individual organizations teleguided by the authority”.

He therefore called for reversal of the situation through efforts of the present youths, as vanguards of the society.

The second speaker, Jamilu Musa Bauchi spoke on the strategies used for the complete disintegration of the present society through western ideologies.

Jamilu Musa who cited how the west suppressed the Ikwanul Muslum movement, said it was possible through connivance with some students of Sheikh Bin Fodiye.

He therefore called on the youths to be fully awake and face the global challenges, saying much was expected from the youth as vanguards and hope of the society. “Never allow yourself be used for selfish by such corrupt individuals”.

After the lectures, the floor was open for discussion by Mujahid Abdulkadir on the topic, “Islam Today: The Way Out”, where youth groups spoke their minds and offered reasonable suggestions tobe compiled as a general consensus by the youths in the area.

Some youths interviewed expressed appreciation for the honour done to them by the invitation and hoped the relationship and cordial relationship will be sustained.

A feast was also organized for the participants.