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In the name of Allah the Benificent the Merciful
May the peace and blessings of Allah Ta’ala continue to shower on His noble Messenger – Muhammad bn Abdullah (SAWA), the pure household (A.S.), and all  sincere companions (R.A.).

Today we are out together with the rest of the Muslim Ummah to celebrate the annual birthday anniversary of the noble Prophet of Islam (SAWA), an event that is known as Maulud Procession. It has been our practice to extend the celebratory message of Maulud Nabiy, but this year’s message is different, we are out to mourn the C.

We are out to mourn the killings, maimings and wanton destruction of thousands of lives and properties at Baqiyyatullah Husainiyya, Darur Rahma and residence of our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). We want the whole world to know what the hand of tyranny has meted on the followers of Messenger of mercy (SAWA) on the eve month of Maulud Nabiy. They maimed, detained and massacred the sons and daughters of Islam under baseless pretences using oprressive and suppressive force ever known in Nigeria. To this day, hundreds of our brothers are either under detention with some suffering from untreated gun wounds, while many their whereabout are not known.           

All people with humane concience need to know that the Nigeria Army under president refused to give us the corpses of our massacred brothers and sisters, but rather bury them in mass graves and burning some of the corpses to hide their ugly handiwork.

This tragedy is happening amidst the mourning of mischiveous ‘suicide’ bomb blast that killed scores of members of the Movement, that took place during the recent Arbaeen symbolic trek of Imam Husain (A.S.) from Kano to Husainiyya, Zaria. In view of the stated realities, Mourning must surpass celeberation.

As we celeberate Maulud albeit in mourning mood, here it is pertinent to re-echo the resounding message of our mentor and leader – Sheikh Zakzaky (H), in which he used to say: "It is with Maulud that change will be realised in this ummah." The impetus for the inpending change lies in the statement: "The love of the Messenger of Allah is the secret for Unity." And this also informed the foresighted initiative of annual Unity Week as instituted by the Sheikh (H).     

All concious minded people know that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has existed in this part of the globe for over 37, it is peaceful, intellectual, focus and dynamic. Therefore no amount of propaganda by agents of zionists and western hegemonic powers will make it loose its consistant direction and principle in being non-violent and armless. We believe in the prophetic path, the path of wisdom and intellect rather than the path of ignorance and brute force.            

The blatant lies and propaganda sholved to gullible minds of the unwary public by the pseudo military-civilian junta has started to expose the shameless faces of those behind the evil zionists’ script unleashed against the Islamic Movement. By Allah, we have survived all previous satanic plots and insha Allah this too will not be an exception! All prowess and might belongs to Allah and on Him we depend and He enough as a Helper.

"..And they who act oppressively shall know to what final place they shall turn back."

(Suratul Shu’ara verse 227)

Peace be upon those who follow guidance.


Mal. Abdulhamid Bello

(For: Islamic Movement in Nigeria)