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More Faces of Some of the Quds Martyrs

martyrsSome Pictures of the Martrys while they were alive. They were killed by Government forces on Friday the 25th of July 2014 while commemorating International Quds Day in Zaria





Shaheedah Aisha Mukhtar Kudan in the Procession few moment before her martyrdom

L-R Sayyid Mahmud, Sayyid Ahmad and Sayyid Hameed

Shaheed Ibrahim Mukhtar

Shaheed Ibrahim Mukhtar in the Procession few moments before his killing by Soldiers


Shaheed Kabir Jibril

Shaheed Muhammad Shafi’u

Shaheed AbdulBasit Shehu

Shaheed Abubakr Muhammad

Shaheed Usman Ridwan

Shaheed Zakariya Ang Gwado

 Shaheed Atiku

Shaheed Atiku Saidu K/ Kuyambana


Shaheed Abubakar Sani

Shaheed Zainul Abidin Ali Konar Dangoma T/Jukun