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Monitoring the planned attack on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement

By Ibrahim Usman
After the nationwide rally across Nigeria against the attempt by Nigerian government to kill Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky, the plan is still on course despite public outcry. During the Muharram Majalis at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria, Sheikh Zakzaky has on different occasions exposed further the unfolding plans.


Sheikh Zakzaky, while commenting on the nationwide rallies said, despite the public outcry the Nigerian security operatives and their foreign counterparts are still determined to go ahead with their evil plan. “The message of the rally has surely reached them, yet they remained resolute. Their foreign masters did not care about the consequences. It is their wish that the country plunge into chaos and anarchy by planning religious, tribal or regional crisis to achieve their selfish aim. They fully know that Jonathan can never win the election, yet they intend to impose him against popular wish; in the case of failure, they can have him removed and impose another stooge”.

He pointed out that, Zaria city has recently been witnessing influx of military personnel since before Ashura commemoration, of which some are stationed at different places. “They had stationed armed plain clothes soldiers from Agoro area up to Kwangila with the intent of attacking the Ashura procession, but Allah frustrated their efforts”, he said.

His Eminence however said, convoy of military personnel are being ferried secretly into Zaria, saying 10 vehicles were seen carrying White skins into Basawa Barrack.

Basawa Barrack is the military base under the command of S.O. Okuh where soldiers took peaceful protesters during Quds Day procession, and tortured to death, including 3 of Sheikh Zakzaky’s children.

Part of the plan, said the Leader, was to engage the services of witchcraft vigilante groups, who will be fully equipped with vehicles and black attires with ‘Ya Husain’ inscription, meant to execute heinous crimes and attribute it to ‘Shi’ites’.

“They have resorted to witchcraft. One of the vigilante group member demanded for two human left eyes and forehead skin of a black cow to perform witchcraft, and it was given to him. No witchcraft can have any effect on us!”

Sheikh Zakzaky also said, soldier where told during military drill in Zaria barrack to be on alert and ready for any could happen, as they were told Al-Zakzaky was to start an uprising!

“Why mention name of Al-Zakzaky during military training? Even if Al-Zakzaky is to start an uprising, is it not the duty of the police to contain it? Let the police do their job, and invite you only when it is beyond their capability. They were told to be fully armed and on red alert, as anything can happen. What has Al-Zakzaky got to do with this, mentioning his name during military drill? He has been constant on a known for over 35 years, you cannot come overnight and tell people that he has deviated. Impossible! Whatever the intention, the Nigerian military is trained to see the citizens as his greatest enemies, so the mission of the Nigerian soldier to kill the citizens”.

In a related development, Sheikh Zakzaky explained that some of the soldier who engaged in the brutal killings were facing mysterious death.

He said, there were reports which they will not want to go public that some of the soldiers were facing sudden death with their heads mysteriously crushed, or abrupt death.

“A narrator told a shop owner near Kongo Campus of how suddenly and from nowhere a soldier’s head with be crushed and die said, the Shi’ites have performed witchcraft (on the soldiers). No, it is not witchcraft! There are Shi’a among humans and Jinns and among the Angels. You may not know this, but they exist. Who knows out these groups of Shi’a, one of them, unseen, might decide to hit them and crush them to death”.

He also said, reports from Postiskum indicated how some of the soldiers who engaged in the shooting on Ashura procession were facing mysterious deaths. “It is the blood of the innocent people haunting and catching up with them. We hope the worse situation will be extended to their master, accomplice and whoever love or commend the atrocity they have executed”, said Sheikh Zakzaky.