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Monguno’s hate speech: Ebenezer Oyetakin wrote:

It is impossible for me to keep quiet ,when I noticed some form of arrant nonsense, in the name of security reports. I had tried frantically, to assist Government successively ,to define the accurate concept of security threat.

However, I am convinced now than ever that the Heads of Security Forces in Nigeria are more subservient to imperialist international order, than the order that can actually lead to National peace, security and emancipation. Iran do not seek and has never seek to hegemonised Nigeria. If anything, Iran try to influence what they considered the most appropriate form of Islamic religion. And this they do through propagation of shared knowledge and not any act of terrorism or arms struggle .
Now take a look at this! There are Roman’s Catholic presence in all countries, it is classically religious and not political. Out of it, broken out, Protestant, and Pentecostalism and Even what is known today as Catholics Charismatic Renewal of Revival. Yet, no security of any nation ever declared them as a threat.
Why are our security forces so silent about IPOB, which is more ferocious and categorical about its threat to national security and sovereignty? Why, particularly when Buhari was away? Why do they allow Nnamdi Kanu to trampled upon his bale conditions with such levels of recklessness and impunity, denigrating our National sovereignty? To the best of my knowledge locally and internationally, the Shiit Islamic Movement has not done anything that could be considered a threat to national security in their four decades among us. They are patriotic and above all they massively voted for President Buhari, much more than the Wahabist in Nigeria; some of who predicted that Buhari will never be a President after they collected billions from Jonathan. I want any security institution to engage me over the Shiit issue in Nigeria and I will expose all their failures and deception.
They are misinforming Mr. President whom I admire so much, they are in essence serving foreign interest for dollars and pecuniary gains.
I hate all forms of lies and misrepresentation of facts, I won’t take it even from my father. Let us all rise to protect the sovereignty of Nigeria and jealously embrace the peace in the country.
If I meet President Buhari today, without missing words. The first thing I will tell him is that. My father, you have been deliberately misled. Please release Sheikh Zakzaky today!! He is not an enemy he is a lover of Nigeria unity and peace and development.
As I write this tonight my heart bleeds profusely for the halfhazardous manner our security forces engages issues.
What Zakzaky need from this government is heartfelt condolences, symphaty,apology and reparations and certainly not incarceration and brutality. The enemies who are pretending to be friends and lovers of Buhari are the ones at work regarding the persecution of Sheikh Zakzaky. and they are trying to make more enemies for Buhari because they hate his gut and success!!
Indeed, a Partnership with Iran by Federal Government will lead Nigeria to fast growths, technological and scientific independent faster than our wasted years of over 5 decades with the Western Powers that are manipulating us, exploiting us, economically, turned all our leaders to thieves as they provided safe havens for looted funds from Nigeria, and refused to concede economics independent to us, let alone technology and scientific capabilities, so that we can continue to be subservient to them. Iran desires a win-win Strategic partnership with Nigeria; after all we are both developing countries and members of Strategic economic bloc called OPEC. Nothing is wrong in having a blossoming governmental and humans to humans relationships with The Islamic Republic of Iran.
HON. Ebenezer M Oyetakin Executive Secretary Anticorruption Network

Ebenezer Oyetakin wrote on his facebook page.