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Mohammed Ibraheem, Son of Sheikh Zakzaky Explains Issues on his Father

July 14, 2019
Yesterday Saturday July 13th 2019, all of the members our Family with whom I said the “Authorities” discussed arrived in Kaduna to meet with my father and my mother. Sadly due to miscommunication, only I and a legal representative were allowed to meet them, the others were made to leave at gun point. My father has finally been allowed access to a phone, so for now we are able to communicate; a court date has been set; and many promises have been made.

 This is all I can say that is good news.The bad news is that my father has already suffered a second stroke. Although it was mild, I cannot understate the fact that 2 mild medical catastrophes in such a short amount of time is too much to test time with. I have made all the necessary arrangements needed to deal with this medical emergency, I have checked and everything is still currently in place.But we are still waiting for the “Authorities” to fulfil their promise to re-issue their international passports; especially since we have already handed them all the required documents to get it done in a matter of less than a few hours on Monday.Before I have to say Innalillahi wa inna illaihi raji’oon, before I have to say ashes to ashes and dust to dust, I am again publically urging the “the Authorities” to speed up the process; lesser things have killed stronger men than my father, it is God that has decided to keep him among us this long. A spray of bullets, trauma, Isolation, Physical torture, psychological torture; and things so horrific I will leave to etcetera! Have happened in the past. My father needs Immediate hospitalization; immediately. Tomorrow I will Report on where we are.

— Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky

14 July 2019