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By Shuaib Isa Ahmad
In the late 80’s when I was a kid, my father had a Volkswagen (Beetle), my dad usually took us to school together with my two elder sisters Amina and Aisha.

 I hate coming late to school not because I liked the lessons, but whenever we arrived at the school premises, some trouble pupils will look through the window of their classes and make fun of my father’s cherished car.

One day I told my father to buy a new car, he smiled at me and told me that “the engine of my precious Beetle is strong and ok, the problem of the car is a problem of silencer once I have a good silencer, there will be no more noise my son." My sister Amina gave me a hug and said to me “don’t worry " while Aisha hold my hands and we ran to the school compound happily.


-“…the engine of my precious Beetle is strong and ok,…” says my father .

     Mathematically, let Nigeria be car C and let the Nigerian  System be engine E and let the Problems of Nigeria be silencer S, it means the car C could be driven from a point A to another point B    if the engine of that car is ok. 

On the contrary, if the engine is damaged, automatically the car cannot be driven from the point A to the other point B. 

If so, can a professional driver with both national and international licence drive that car C from the point A to the point B ?


     My close friend Bukhari Muhammad Bello Jega who was a PhD student of Political Economy at University of Abuja , during the administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan quoted an eloquent  statement of one of my heroes Martin Luther King “ the ultimate tragedy is not the oppression or cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” stressing that we have to do something, people are dying , and the system is deteriorating, full of corruption , we are tired people want  “change” . Bukhari Jega sacrifices a lot for people to see this “change”.

    During the 2011 post-election crises ,some pro APC / Buhari supporters were shot by soldiers mostly in the leg in Zaria, they were quickly brought to Shaikh Zakzaky’s house in Gyellesu , by some people. The personal physician of Shaikh Zakzaky , DR Mustafa Umar Sa’id , treated them free of charge while Shaikh Zakzaky assisted them with all the drug bills through his son Ahmad .

In the same vein , so many Christians that were scared ran quickly to Gyellesu to seek for refuge including families and relatives of the Nigerian Army.

     Unfortunately, my good friend, Bukhari Muhammad Bello Jega, his wife Aisha and his only daughter Batool were all massacred by the Nigerian Army in this present APC/Buhari regime that he sacrificed a lot for.  

DR Mustafa Umar Sa’id and his three sons were also massacred by the Nigerian Army all in Zaria just because they choose to be followers of the Household of the Holy Prophet of Islam (Shia), because they chose to stand with the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria  in standing against inhumanity for the purpose of peace and unity of the entire ummah in a “Democratic” Nigeria that according to the constitution of the state , one is allowed to choose even a cockroach as his god.


-“don’t worry “

    “don’t worry “: – These two words are the words of my lovely sister Amina that I mentioned earlier, she used the words to calm me down 24 years back, unfortunately, 7 days back I saw her so worried, I asked her why is she worried , she replied me by saying “ I was helpless and unable to protect my four university children from the harm of  Lt. Gen. Yusuf Tukur Burutai  ."

These four promising children were also massacred by the Nigerian army at the residence of shaikh Zakzaky without any form of provocation.

Why won’t I be worried? Why won’t I be in pain as my beloved sister is in pain!

     Nigeria, the giant of Africa. A  Country blessed with enviable natural and human resources crumbling into a bloodbath enterprise where young intellectuals and resourceful jewelries of this great country of ours are been wasted forever.


    I attain the apex of my sadness and sorrow when I set my eyes in a write-up with the title ‘ENOGH IS ENOUGH’ written by the only surviving son of Shaikh Zakzaky , Mohammed Zakzaky whose six of his biological brothers were massacred by the Nigerian Army , his cousin brother killed by the Nigerian Army , his aunt burnt to death by the Nigerian Army  and finally his father and mother were fatally wounded with multiple gun shots by the Nigerian Army  ,yet Mohammed Zakzaky refused to be violent , refused to create a chaotic situation , chose to take legal and peaceful actions despite the millions of his father’s followers and supporters.

    This gives me a deeper understanding on who truly Zakzaky was . Shaikh Zakzaky is indeed a lover of peace, unity and humanity . Why would such an icon for a better future be treated in the most barbaric and inhuman manner after all his sacrifices for the sake of God , for the sake of peace and unity ? Why is he detained unjustly ? Why is he refused of proper medical treatment ? What is the benefit of massacre? What is the benefit of detaining innocent and resourceful personality? What is the benefit of  tyranny and opression?

What a great amount of injustice! I spend days in my room crying unable to chew solid food, with sleepless nights. 

    I received so many letters of condolences and thousands of messages from concerned people. I ask the youths of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria about their feelings with regards to the letter of Mohammed Zakzaky. I met so many of them in pain but calm and focused. When youths said yes is yes and I know they are in millions , not to talk of the tens of thousands of students , not to talk of the millions of sympathizers nationally and internationally

     Based on my discussions with youths of the Movement and others and from my ststistical analysis , I realized that millions of Nigerian  youth are with Mohammed Zakzaky, they are ready to match with him. They stand with him against this oppression .