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Message of Condolence to Shaikh Zakzaky from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka HashimiAnother condolence Message is from Hashimi Foudation of Sri Linka signed by its President Sheikh Lafir Madani and Secretary Ziad Mohamed. While condemning the attack the letter expressed sympathy to the Sheikh.

The message reads "  It is with heavy hearts that, on behalf of all members of the Hashimi Foundation Sri Lanka and all  Muslims in general, send our condolence message to your honoured self and other bereaving family members who have lost their loved ones  in the dastardly shooting by the armed forces of the Nigerian government on a peaceful Quds Day Rally organised in support of the Palestinian nation on the  25th of July 2014, the last Friday of the month Ramazan 1435.

Our heart goes to you, our brother. We believe you will find your strength in Allah at this trying period.

May Allah enhance your recompense and be Generous in your calamity and Forgive the deceased and induce you with patience and multiply for you and for us recompense through patience.

It is Allah who gives life and He who dictates when it is time for life to end . Inna LiLLAH wa inna ILEYHI rajiun (we belong to Allah and to Him we return)"

On Friday the 25th of July 2014, Soldiers opened fire on peacefull Quds Procession i Zaria killing over 33 people among the 3 sons of Sheikh Zazaky while injuring many.